Everything's Bouquet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


That's me.  Master of the Yo-yo diet.  With a little help from Wikipedia I realize the analogies are endless.  There is the shape of the yo-yo: Imperial, Modified, and Butterfly, etc.  I'm not even going there on my yo-yo shape (including the weight distribution issue).  The yo-yo techniques caught my eye: more on that in a second.  The friction sources: how quickly the yo-yo returns to the hand of the player.  Performance accessories.  I might dedicate an entire blog to my performance accessories because they are endless.  Those accessories needed every time to succeed on my newest yo-yo journey, only to be left behind cluttering my closets and cupboards.  Your welcome Amazon and Target.

There are several yo-yo techniques with the basic one called sleeping.  How long the yo-yo can spin before traveling back up is the sleeping state.  On average however, I can spin for about 12 weeks before slowly climbing back up to my original weight.   I started this blog in January, of course, ready and willing to finally shed the weight.  You guessed it: I never wavered for a strong 12ish weeks.  Then I started my yo-yo journey back to my original January weight.  I succeeded with a bonus pound to boot.  Such an over achiever I am.  I am discouraged, sad, frustrated, but not without hope.  This month I am starting again. Praying I last longer than 12 weeks.  A lot happened this spring and summer and I hope to post a catch-up blog soon.  

So here I go again.  I'm starting slowly; taking one day at a time.  I am actually just trying to make it through today, and praying that will turn into a lot of successful days that turn into a lifetime of successful living.  I am healthy, here, blessed, thankful, and starting anew.  Thank God for new beginnings!!