Everything's Bouquet

Friday, April 30, 2010

Breaking News: Tomorrow is May

I realized in the middle of today that this is the last day of April.  Wow, I blinked and lost all of April and half of March.  So I pondered what important information to blog about on my one day of April blogging, and found myself overwhelmed with choices.  Do I update on the last 6 weeks, and if so do I start now and go backwards or start then catching up to now?  Okay, even that thought bores me.  So I'll wrap up the six weeks of non-blogging by saying they were very busy; hence no blogging.  I traveled on two college tours, hosted a lovely bridal shower, dealt with and continue to deal with a family situation,  entertained children for spring break, taught three grades, hosted Easter, hosted surprise out of town family, taught three grades, and generally tried not to get run over by the constant traffic of the revolving door in our house.

I am spending this week recovering from last Friday's event.  Seriously, I am getting old because a pound of work seems to require a pound of rest these days.   Just the memory of those hours of cleaning, shopping, ordering, cooking, organizing, and  NOT SLEEPING are making me tired this week.  So in honor of last weeks supermom impersonation, I am giving equal time to my slacker mom impersonation.  Lots of slacking and resting, which is probably wise considering there are 150 guests on the graduation party list for next week that will require me to dig out my supermom costume again.  I did think to myself and regrettably mention out loud to my better half that this place would be amazing if I worked that hard on a regular basis; I have got to learn to keep my thoughts to myself.

Anyway, what did happen last Friday?  Prom 2010.  32  prom kids plus parents at my house for pictures, followed by 26 prom kids staying for a fancy sit down meal prepared and served by parents.  I was a little doubtful we could pull it off, but it was delightful.  So much fun.  Lots of laughing in the promers area, and in the parental servers area.  My middle daughter even asked why so many parents stayed around long after the prom kiddos left for the big dance, and I thought she really doesn't see her mama hang out with friends enough!  Below are a few fun pictures of the event that consumed my week.  Oh, and my healthy journey progress?  I will try to post an update on that very soon!

The azaleas were picture perfect (see at top of blog), and my cleaning helpers were very excited.  What happens on cleaning day stays on cleaning day (especially from mom who is cleaning somewhere else.)

Here is my prom girl getting ready.  Below is how I still picture my prom girl getting ready. :)

The dinner tables were ready and waiting.

The pictures began; I'll spare you the 5 million and show you a few favorites.

Dinner is served.  My sweet daughter and her friend volunteered to serve dinner.  First they helped me make some fun salads.
Then everyone found their seats and began one of the loudest dinners I have ever witnessed.  Lots of singing and laughing involved.
Some cute sister pictures...one sister was gone for the evening.
And to end the pictures my prom girlie with her Toms for Prom.  She and her date decorated them the night before.