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Thursday, September 1, 2011

17 Day Reboot Completed!!

Good-bye August!  I had to post our school calendar just so you could see all our August birthdays.  Maybe it will make you a little more sympathetic to why I had a hard time getting with the program the first two weeks!  Honestly, I was falling into that trap of trying every morning, and failing by mid-day.  After two weeks of that I said ENOUGH.  That is where the reboot came in.  Motivated by the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie, I decided to nix my cravings in the bud.  Guess what?  It worked!  It was hard.  On day four you can observe another birthday cake on the calendar.  That was the day I almost caved, and was wonderfully rescued by my hubby.  Honestly, I probably owe the success of the 17 day reboot to him.  He was really helpful and supportive.

Reboot Pros:
My cravings are GONE.  Today I finally feel energized, well, and roaring to tackle the remaining weight. I am eating tons of healthy veggies and fruit (something that goes away when unhealthy habits take over).  My little guys ASKED for spinach in their strawberry/banana smoothie today....WOW!  I feel very encouraged (instead of discouraged) after making my goal.  My skin is still glowing, and I am sleeping like a rock. I lost 15.5 pounds in just 17 days.  I know some will criticize me for that, but I needed to see that scale head south.

Reboot Cons:
Drinking juice did get old quickly.  Cleaning the juicer got old even quicker.  I think the thing I looked forward to the most was a day off from cleaning that juicer!  Preparation and cleaning also took a lot of time and energy.  That energy tended to make me not cook dinner for the family many of the nights.  Today I fixed that by greeting my girls by asking what they wanted for dinner.  Tuna noodle casserole is in the oven!  COST....need I say more?  There aren't any discounts on organic fresh veggies and fruits, and it takes a mountain of them to juice just four cups worth.  Exhaustion was my middle name.  I never hit that stride of magic energy.  I also babied myself and went very light on the exercise while concentrating on my nutrition.

It seems like my cons are longer than my pros, but it was a very needed and profitable reboot.  I ended it today with a breakfast berry smoothie with some rice protein powder added.  Lunch was half of this gorgeous vegan salad and half a banana.  I think I will eat the other half for dinner.
So hello September.  Today the boys helped me get our calendar on track.  Just look at that blank slate and all the possibilities imaginable for the month.

I have a few short goals for this month:
Lose 7 pounds.  Seven because that will bring me to minus 60 pounds; yep, that's right, today I am at minus 53 pounds.  I think when I get to minus 60 pounds I might feel brave enough to post actual numbers.

Exercise regularly.  I want to build back my exercise and do it consistently.

Journal?  I am not sure about this one.  I am feeling a little sick of the lesson plan journal form, and may just go back to the regular notebook.

I'm off to pull out that casserole and enjoy a family dinner.  Below is a picture of  the big guy helping the little guy; it makes me smile.  Shortly after I took it I had to send them to separate rooms, but camaraderie is refreshing around here even for a skinny minute!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Love that calendar! We have three birthdays in September. I need to reduce cravings and get away from the cake! I completely understand having to move kids apart during school. Happens almost every day around here!