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Monday, August 22, 2011

7 Days of Juicing DONE!!!

Hello Monday; I'm so glad to see you.  This Monday means I have one week, or seven days, or one hundred sixty-eight hours, or ten thousand eighty minutes of juicing done and behind me.  Juicing, only juicing, with no mid day clean meal like on the Clean Program is very hard.  I did have one blended fruit/veggie smoothie.  I did wait until day five to actually read the plan carefully and see that it suggests eating, blending, and juicing only veggies and fruit for five days, followed by five days of juicing, and finished with five days of eating, blending, and juicing.  That would be a little easier than jumping straight into only juicing (minus that one smoothie).

Drum roll please.....10 pounds in seven days.  Not bad.  I know some of you are saying it's not healthy to only juice and lose that quickly, but it works for me.  I think I'm sort of a bite the bullet and see results quickly over slower and longer.  I realize when I lose quickly it takes diligence to build back my shocked and slowed metabolism, and the total weeks it takes to lose quickly and settle into that weight loss permanently probably equal losing at a normal two pound a week rate.  However, two or less pounds a week just drives me crazy, and it is just easier for me to dive in.

A recap of my week: Days 1-3 were hard but slightly fun pulling out the juicer and experimenting.  Days 4-5 were the hardest.  I don't know if it was the birthday meal or just the days, but I almost gave in at dinner on each day. Days 6-7 were the best days even though we were having some very hard issues with one of our children.  It seemed like I finally hit a zone on those two days.

Sunday I got a little juicing cocky and went off the recipe map.  It was a very bad idea.  I made a gigantic concoction of horrible smelling and tasting juice.  Oh it killed me to pour it out, but after gagging down one big old glass I just couldn't handle another.  I hate wasting things, so I learned my lesson, and I'm sticking closer to juicing what tastes good today.

Just a few pros and cons from my first week of juicing:


SKIN.  My skin is amazing.  A mother at the football game Friday night said I looked 15 years younger.
             At my age one year younger would be worth juicing!

BONDING:  I didn't predict this one, but my youngest two boys are having a blast helping me throw things
                     down the juicer hatch.

HEALTH:  I know if my skin looks better my insides must too.  Just veggies and fruit is making me glow.

HABITS:  I am breaking the bad habits of sugar and processed food that was taking over by the end of my
                 summer indulging break.  Finally I am craving chewing nuts, salads, and fish instead of junk.

RESULTS:  Let me be honest, if I didn't see quick results on the scale each morning, my will power for this
                    would be out the window.  It's real pounds, not just water.  My clothes are almost falling off,
                    and I am fitting into jeans I have not worn in seven years.


TIRED:   I am very tired.  I am doing very light to none on exercise.

HARD:  I don't know if that is really a con, since hard is probably good for me.  Maybe hard on my family is
              a con?  They have to put up with me complaining about the difficulty.

TIME:   It requires a lot of time to shop, chop, drop, and mop.  Ha.  Translated, shopping, prepping, juicing,
             and then cleaning every teeny tiny part of that juicer takes a lot of effort and time.  I still have six
            people staring at me with that "whats for dinner" look after I clean up the juicer.

PRICEY:  It takes a lot of veggies and fruit for a little tiny bit of juice.  That price tag goes up higher when
                I try to buy organic produce.  Right now is not a good time to raise our grocery bill;  thank you
                sweet hubby supporter for not complaining about my organic produce.

INCONVENIENT:  This is an understatement.  Three times of more this week I drank lemon water because
                 it just did not work to juice or take my juice with me.

METABOLISM:  I know my metabolism will slow during this juicing.  That will be okay if I transition by
                       eating clean and exercising consistently.

Day 8 begins today.  I am at minus 47.5 pounds, so I am just 2.5 pounds away from the minus 50 mark.  I am looking forward to that after staying in the same range June and July.  I'm off to try peaches and veggies in the juicer!!