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Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To

Only I really don't want to.  It's been a fantastically fast birthday week.  August reigns as our heaviest family birthday month with birthdays on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 18th.  I've checked the box on the first four...one more to go this month.
We started our busy week out last Friday celebrating my youngest's birthday a week early.  He turned the big 7.
 There he is with his dramatic pause making his wish.
The next morning we all woke up and drug a trailer across the state to move my oldest girlie back to school.  I'm so proud of her, she's enjoying RA training this week.
 Oh to long car trips with eight people in the vehicle.  Behold my sleeping beauties.
 Behold my singing beauties.
 Oh I LOVE my Sea Bands.  Best purchase ever.  Instant cure for motion sickness.  I can read in the car now.  Yay!  Thank you Laura for educating me on these!  Seriously, my 11 year old wore them to the amusement park and DID NOT throw up for the first time after riding rides.

 A little toasty weather for moving day!
After we spent two nights moving our daughter, we dropped off our rental trailer, hitched up our hitch haul, backed our hitch haul into another vehicle, bought another hitch haul, and after assembling it traveled on to Chattanooga.  Here we left our two youngest for the week to torture their Aunt hang out with their cousins.
After a tour of UTC for daughters 2 and 3, and a stop for dinner at the Cheescake Factory in Nashville (it is birthday week you know), the rest of us arrived home very early Tuesday morning.  Tuesday August 2, the day this pretty daughter turned 16.  We couldn't let that pass us by (even though her party was ahead on Friday), and frankly my husband and I were feeling a little too FREE with those crazy youngest ones gone, so we headed to dinner and double feature movies.  Seriously, I don't think I've stayed that late at the movies since my pre-children days.

Again, feeling the freedom and possibly suffering from a little heat stroke, my hubby and I headed out ALONE Wednesday evening to Bonefish grill and a movie.  We didn't do any type of vacation this year, and I think maybe we just enjoyed a little staycation.  By Thursday night I said enough already though because I was getting ready to hostess the big SWEET SIXTEEN BASH for my cutie on Friday.
I love a party!

 Purple and Blue...Whoo Hoo.
 Sweet Seesters.

So excited from the partay I stayed up way to late, and after less than five hours of sleep my man and I drove almost eight hours round trip today to pick up those two youngest boys we were missing.  Well, he drove and I (wearing my sea bands) talked his ears off...it is my birthday and I can talk if I want to!

So whew.  What a week!!!!! I did pretty well on the calories, and was happy to see me sticking at minus 41 pounds total still on the scale yesterday morning.  HOWEVER, today was a total eating disaster.  This has all been fun, but I am ready to jump into our fall schedule this week.  I plan to start in earnest recording, reporting, and losing again beginning this Tuesday.  My goal is to get to a regular BMI by November.  Now I'm off  to rest my tired eyelids.  What a fun and busy summer it's been!  God is good...all the time!


Anonymous said...

Nice post!!! Thanks for sharing. I thought we had it "bad" with 4 birthdays here in just over 1 month (July 2-August 4 - mine) -- wow! Our next one is December!
Those times w/o the kiddos are strange/wonderful, eh? Gonna check those Sea Bands...hmmm!

Laura said...

Yay! So glad the sea bands worked!

BrendaKaye said...

Laura they are the greatest things ever! Peter rode all the rides at the amusement park and felt great! I read and looked at the computer in the car and felt fine. Cannot thank you enough for telling me about those!