Everything's Bouquet

Monday, August 15, 2011


It's time for me to reboot.  At least that is what they call it at Reboot Your Life.  I finally watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that I blogged about here in March.  I've been trying to talk myself into doing something drastic another Clean Program cleanse since June, and decided I needed some inspiration.  It was just what I needed complete with video interviews of people in my city!

I did alright at maintaining my 42 pound weight loss all summer.  BUT WAIT, I am not supposed to be maintaining at all.  Even though I told myself I was enjoying a small break, learning how to navigate maintaining in case I ever get to maintenance land and want a head start, and building up my metabolism, all of that seemed reasonable for a short amount of time, until that time extended through the entire summer.  Shockingly, August is almost half over.  Suddenly I am beginning to feel that familiar hopelessness of the days, weeks, and months flying by while my scale stays the same...or goes up.  Somehow I started playing that game of eat what I want today and Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday I'm on board with the plan to knock off the remaining pounds.

I confess my choice in food even progressively declined, to the drastic point of polishing off birthday party cake, chips, goodies, and Peanut M & Ms.  The latter of that list which became a handful here and a handful there indulgence this last week.  I don't look good, and I don't feel good.  Worse than that my spirit feels defeated.

I am sad, worried, and discouraged in some other areas of my life.  There is a lot happening  that is hard, tough, and not like I want it to be.  There is always something in life that is hard or disappointing.  Medicating my emotions with food will not better the situation.  The ONE thing I can control is what I put in my mouth.  THANK GOODNESS.  Really I am thankful for that, and I should be.  I don't have any physical issues right now that dictate what I put into my mouth, or don't let me eat certain foods.  In a world where there is so much I would like to change today and cannot, I need to embrace what I can change.

Remedy?  I need to put down the sugar and step away from the party leftovers.  I need to stop starting/failing and start doing/following through.  The movie last night was just the inspiration I needed to give me a push in the right direction.  So I decided for my hubby and me (lucky for him, ha) to jump head first into juicing today.

Out came the juicer and every vegetable and fruit in the house.  I was hoping to fill up my 128 ounce jug for the day....giving us each 64 ounces of fresh juice for day 1.  Wow.  It takes a LOT of veggies and fruit to fill up that jug.  What veggies I had on hand, and I had a lot on hand, only made  80 ounces of yummy juice.
GOLD, VEGGIE GOLD. 80 ounces of apples, spinach, carrots, broccoli, lemon, melon, ginger, and 1 tomato.  It is really filling and really good. It also gets things moving if you know what I mean.

Good and frothy.  I hope to reboot through juicing and raw food smoothies the days remaining in August 2011.  That's 16 counting today.  I need to for my physical and mental health. This is something I considered doing in June, and I regret that I didn't.  I do not want to get to November wishing I had done this in August.

UPDATE:  I started this blog earlier today, and it's almost bedtime and I accomplished Day 1 of juicing raw foods only!!  It feels really good to have a successful day after many failures this summer.  I hope and pray I make it through the next 15!  I plan to blog my progress!