Everything's Bouquet

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reboot Day 3

Yesterday (Wednesday) was day 3.  It was crazy busy, but went really well.  I started the morning off juicing a fruitier combo of grapefruit, mango, lime, blueberry, and spinach.  It was delicious.

After breakfast I loaded up the counter with mainly veggies and four apples, and with the help of my juicing buddies juiced the night morning away.  Well not really the whole morning, because the textbooks were waiting.
My youngest juicer helper cannot wait to wake up each morning to see what he is going to help push down the juicer hatch.  He is fascinated with the process (not so much the product).  He's a juice developer in the making.
All those veggies and fruit made this juice below.  No beets this time!

My husband and I spent the evening watching our oldest graduate from EMT school and enjoyed taking him to dinner.  He picked Red Robin, and although I am a fan of their onion ring tower and fries and burgers and salads and.......well, I enjoyed three big refills of lemon water and the nice company.  I let my hubby sacrifice and eat with my son.  He does things like that for me. :)

I'm off to juice for day 4.  It's my oldest child's birthday today....the big 22.  He's got a dinner menu request that is five miles long, so I will be baking/mixing/cooking up a storm.

Oh..one more thought...I got home last night at the end of day three and looked in the mirror and wondered if my face was losing weight.  I then realized it is just my skin.  It already looks smoother and tighter by day three.  When I see my biggest organ looking 100 percent better in just three days, I always wonder what my inside organs are doing after three days.  This is a fun experiment to do just to see what your skin does in such a short time!