Everything's Bouquet

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Web Surfing

Smokie Norful's Lord I Need You Know sung by Stefano Langone on American Idol.  Beautiful.

Instead of cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry on this rainy Saturday I have found some really interesting websites.  I am not endorsing any of them, but just had fun looking at a few of them and wanted to share in case any of you are enjoying a rainy Saturday too.

http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/  I love the trailer for this movie, and hope to see it some day.  The blog on this site is also worth checking out.

http://www.cafegratitude.com/  I have never been to this restaurant, but if I am ever blessed to travel to California again I would love to check it out.  The names of the items on the menu, and the ingredients are the most original ideas I have ever seen.  It is fun just reading the menu.

http://mayibefrankmovie.com/   Another site I found way better than unloading the dishwasher. :)  I really like the trailer for this movie; who doesn't love an Australian accent!

In the land of you tube I found videos on Dave the Raw Foods Truck Driver and lots of videos on juicing by liferegenerator.  Now I do not know anything really about these people, but I found their stories on you tube very interesting. Below is Dave the raw food truck driver.

I did at least do 34 minutes on my elliptical, and now I really need to desnowmanify the house.  First week of March means out with the snowmen plates and decor and in with the summer/spring/Easter decor; at least that's what my 17 year old daughter told me a couple of days ago.

Oh and my dreaded scale is only down 1/2 pound so far this week.  I hope it goes down a little more before my weekly weigh in on Tuesday.  I believe I am going to have to start bumping up the exercise.  Ugh!