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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Pancake Day

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My ten year old Peter informed me early this morning that it is National Pancake Day.  His informing turned into begging.  Lots of begging.  Pleeeaaase can we go to IHop and get our FREE three pancakes.  Since I complete my funner than fun husband (see last post), I promptly told him absolutely no, not under any circumstances was I going to wait in line with the rest of West Tennessee for pancakes.  More begging followed by me adding that they were not really free.  No one eats pancakes without buying at least drinks to go with them I told him.  He had me there when he quickly and happily informed me that they were also serving butter milk  for us to drink.  Now I know what is on my funner than fun hubby's agenda this weekend: two little brother stooges, one long drive to Ihop, and buttermilk pancakes galore.    


fatfighter said...

National Pancake Day? Who knew? ;)

BrendaKaye said...

I know! My mother-in-law just informed me that when she lived in Wales for 12 years they celebrated pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. It was actually last week. She lives in America now and had her neighbor ladies over for the Welsh version of pancakes...something more like a crepe.