Everything's Bouquet

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please Pray for Layla Grace

Please pray for Layla Grace and her family.  You can read her story at www.laylagrace.org.  She is only two and losing her battle with cancer.  My heart is heavy, and my cheeks are wet, and I am humbled and ashamed of myself.  Today I will not whine, eat mindlessly and selfishly, ignore my children, or waste time playing stupid spider solitaire.  Today I will pray for this sweet family suffering so much, live in every moment thanking God for my blessings, read books to my children, hug my children, and most of all be thankful for now instead of worrying about next.  So now I will exit my computer and not look at it again today, in honor of this sweet family enduring so much pain and heartache.  I am dedicating this day in praying for them and living in the moment with my family.  Please join me in supporting them in prayer.