Everything's Bouquet

Thursday, February 18, 2010

She's Got His Back

Sandra Bullock would be proud.  Guard Kitty has his back every night.  Their relationship started in the early hours of the morning when Aidan could barely crawl.  She, Lila the guard kitty that is, was so excited to have company before sunrise that she greeted us happily during Aidan's way too early feedings.  As soon as Aidan was done with his gourmet breakfast, he would crawl to Lila and completely lay on her.  He would maul, squish, love, cuddle, and pull out her hairs while she put up with every second of his attention.  She does not put up with anything even close to this from any other member of the house.  She loves him so, and every night without fail we find her guarding her little man at the end of his bed.

I am so thankful for the people who have my back.  I am blessed.  Thank you sweetie pie, wonderful children, super parents, and great friends who all encourage me, pray for me, and laugh with me.

On another note, it was turkey pot pie for dinner tonight.  This is actually a picture of chicken pot pie I made a couple of weeks ago.  It is the same recipe, but tonight we made it with turkey.  My Emma the Picky Eater loves this dinner.  Here it is without the yummy crust.
On the right is the simple crust before the oven.  And after an hour in the oven it looks like the above picture.  Not a bad calorie total at around 250 a serving.  We like to serve it on our winter snowman dishes with a side of cornbread.  Our winter snowman dishes have actually brought us a lot of snow this year.

I am slowly working on my February goals.  The closet and curtains still haunt me, but I have one week left to see what I can accomplish.  Below is an update on exercise and calories from Tuesday the 9th through today.  Hopefully I will not take so long to update next time!

Tuesday, February 9: 1363 calories, 60 minutes of exercise ( 26 min. 30 Day Shred & 34 min. elliptical)
Wednesday, Feb. 10: 1192 calories, 46 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday, Feb. 11: 1125 calories, 60 minutes of exercise (26 of 30 Day Shred & 34 min. elliptical)
Friday, Feb. 12:  1405 calories, 60 minutes of exercise ( 26 of 30 Day Shred & 34 min. elliptical)
Saturday, Feb. 13: Free calorie day...Valentine's Date to Bonefish Grill..YUM!  66 min. on the elliptical
Sunday, Feb. 14:  Meltdown.  Spoiled from one meal out and did not count calories again today.
Monday, Feb. 15: 1225 calories, 60 minutes of exercise ( 26 Shred and 34 elliptical)
Tuesday, Feb. 16: 1490 calories, no exercise because of Bible study day
Wednesday, Feb. 17: 1170 calories, 26 minutes 30 Day Shred, I was very tired today.
Thursday, Feb. 18: 1495 calories, 46 minutes of elliptical.  Had a near-meltdown with half a gigantic Costco blueberry muffin, but recovered and got a grip.

Whew!! That should be enough motivation to update more frequently! I am off to check on my little man and his personal guard kitty.