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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

Because my closet is halfway destroyed and pulled out all over my entire bathroom, I decided to take a break and post a few of my latest reviews.  I am trying to step out of my box and do and eat some of these ideas you fellow healthy bloggers blog about.
First up is the fun world of Zumba.  Back when the world  was spoiled and the economy was delightful, we were members of a gym.  We dropped our membership not only due to the economy, but getting there consistently while keeping up with a family of 9 was just too challenging.  During my days at the gym however, I was always intrigued by the signs for the Zumba class.  Well, if we are creative, exercise does not have to be expensive or involve gym memberships!  A church near my house advertises free Zumba and free yoga classes on two little signs I drive by regularly.  I keep seeing those signs in my sleep...they haunt me day and night. Zumba, zumba, zumba.  So I did a little research by way of you tube.  Last night I asked my girls who wanted to support me in this endeavor.  They all seemed a little supportive until after the you tube Zumba preview.  My fun and perky creative game girl (see pretty girl with post it on forehead in game night post) was game to go with me.  I was way out of my comfort zone.  These questions almost stopped me from going: Who would be there? Ages? Sizes? Friendly? Hostile? Could I keep up?  I pushed the questions and my sanity to the back of my head and waddled out the door.  I know, this is a lot of intro for what did I discover.
What I discovered: A gym full of people (well over 50 at least), all ages, a few men but mostly moms, daughters, groups of friends, and even a few younger children.   All sizes including lots of people like me working on getting fit.  Lots of visitors like myself, and lots of smiling friendly faces.  No hostility there!  It is hard to be hostile when the big room is booming with very very loud bouncing music.  Music that brought out the jiggles and smiles.  It was fun; lots of fun.  The entire 48 minutes really went by fast, and my calorie counter said 311 calories burned.  Not bad.  Could I keep up?  Are you kidding.  When I looked around the room to catch some help on a move from other Zumba girls...well neither could most of the others.  We were all moving and shaking even if none of us really looked like the instructors.  I am glad I tried it, and hope to try the yoga soon also.  Confidence from stepping out of my box and trying something new: priceless.

Next try was the Fage ridiculously thick (their words) Greek yogurt.  I can't go a week without seeing this somewhere out there in blog world.  I spied it in my Costco in a Costco size container.  I loved it.  The thick consistency is like pudding, and the protein total is fantastic.  Unfortunately it is a little pricey AND my oldest son, Mr. Bodybuilder, loves it also.  I had one serving and he poured the rest down his throat in record time. So if I continue to buy this I might as well just deliver it to his room when I walk in the door.  Maybe I can hide it in a container marked dog treats. Just kidding Mr. Bodybuilder.  Today they have a 50 cent off coupon on their website to help with that pricey issue.
Thank you Kashi models: my two favorite brother stooges.   Mr. Peter was even willing to take a few moments out of his report on Brazil to try a little modeling.  I think he would clean out the garage to take a break from writing.  Kashi.  It seems like lots of healthy bloggers are eating it.  I see it everywhere.  I did not like it a while ago, but overcome by the popularity in blog world, I found it in my Costco cart in (of course) Costco size.  This Mr. Bodybuilder has not touched, and Mr. Bodybuilder please give it a try.  It tasted okay.  It was a little like sawdust with skim milk on top.  I can get over and push through the gastronomical  issue; the intestinal issue is something I cannot sacrifice.  For at least 10 hours after my bowl of sawdust cereal my intestines felt packed, and I will spare you the details of the constant gas explosions.  I don't usually have gas issues, and I do eat a good amount of fiber most days.  I have to live around a lot of people, so I think they will all thank me when I do not give Kashi a second try.
Winner winner chicken dinner!  A big thank you and shout out to Roni at Ronisweigh.com.  I won these pretty little spices from her giveaway, and they arrived this morning.  My first giveaway win!  They came with a sheet full of spice ideas.  I cannot wait to start baking and cooking with them.  I think I see a pot of soup in my near future.  What are some of your favorite fitness tips or items?  Please leave me a comment and give me some new ideas!