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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sing With Me...It's Gonna Be a Good Night

FAMILY GAME NIGHT...OH YEAH.  My two youngest boys were so pumped all week.  We discovered a new game thanks to some friends who brought it over on New Year's Eve.  My boys love it.  My five year old doesn't even really get it, but LOVES it.  Abby's group of friends played it late Friday evening.  It really is a fun game for all ages...more on the new mystery game in a second.  

We started out our family night playing It's Gonna Be a Good Night ; Aidan had been singing it all afternoon in anticipation, so my funner than fun hubby indulged him in the car on our drive to dinner.  Our little spot in the world just opened one of these, and the waiting lines are long.  We headed there early to miss the crowds. 

My oldest son was working and could not join us.  We were all entertained by my Mr. Wonderful who had been out of town last week. I am blessed to have such a great entertainer for my children.  He really enjoys spending time with his children, and they know it.  You just can't fake that kind of stuff.  

I got to sit by my favorite two stooges.  This is the entertainment I had on my end of the table.
They take after their daddy.

We needed to walk off the 500000 calories of pizza; the boys needed to walk off the coke.  We strolled nearby and did some window shopping.  I forgot I gave daughter #3 the camera.  I was think'in I looked hot sharp for our family night out.  Not so much.  I have a LONG way to go. Can you see the Coke jumping boys?  Obviously I had water.  

Now for the part you have been waiting for...back at home game night.  The newest game on the block that we all love so much (drum roll) is:

All ages, all fun, all the time.  My boys would play this every day if I did not hide it.  It is sort of trivial pursuit meets roulette.  It involves guessing, writing, numbers, chips, deep discussions, and lots of laughing.  My five year old partner would not let me help, never really got the total idea, but had a blast.  

We ended the night with my oldest daughter's suggestion of  playing guess who I am in twenty questions.  She is modeling her character in these pretty pictures.
It was a really good day and night.  On the diet horizon I did over 90 minutes of yard work for my exercise, and did not count calories in honor of family night.  ugh.  After viewing the window shopping picture though, I hope to be back on the ball by Monday....of course.   Right now I am off to clean up sticky notes littering my kitchen with names on them.