Everything's Bouquet

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clean Deliciousness

Yesterday was day 9 of my cleanse and everything I ate tasted wonderful.  I was so overdosed on sugar during the holidays that I think my taste buds grew numb.  They are rejuvenated and loving my healthy meals.

        Breakfast was the yummy mango pineapple smoothie in my winter snowflake glass.  Yum.
                                                                 Frothiness.  Yum again.

                                                           Gotta add that straw!

It began snowing at my house.  Biggest year for snow ever in my almost 19 years of living in west Tennessee.

    While I watched the loverly snow fall I ate my lunch. Fish topped with lemon and spinach, steamed broccoli, spaghetti squash, and Fuji apple slices (not pictured) that tasted divine.  My taste buds are alive if this girl who usually hates apples relishes them like they are Ghirardelli   Chocolates.
  After an afternoon of wrapping up some school with my two brother stooges and hitting my elliptical for 34 minutes,  I fed the family some hot and spicy pizza, had a handful of cashews, took a warm shower, juiced my apple, lemon, spinach, ginger juice (below), and settled in for family movie night.  After all the energy I had last week on my cleanse, my system finally decided last night was the time for a little rest and I couldn't make it through all of the movie.  The day has come when I am snoring at 10 PM and my teenagers and hubby are shutting down the house way past me.  Oh but somehow that down comforter feels so much snugglerific when there is shiny snow outside my windows.

     Yesterday was a really good day, and by His grace I am looking forward to another one today.  This is the year for VICTORY!!!!  Now I am going to brave the roads to chauffeur my group to various sledding locations!