Everything's Bouquet

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Frenemy

Just a quick post to confess I have a frenemy.  My  frenemy is sometimes so nice to me.  So nice that I brag on her to my husband, my mother, my children and any other innocent bystander willing to smile at me. I sing her praises through emails and announce her blessings in countless texts.  And then, just when I think we are getting along so well and she is treating me so generously, she knocks the wind out of my sails plummeting me into sadness and despair.  Usually I return this mistreatment by refusing to visit my frenemy.  Well, let's be honest here...I also say a lot of bad things about her before deciding a long break from my disappointing frenemy is in order.

This morning she did it to me again.  That is the thing about those frenemys; you can never quite trust them. After days of getting along so amazingly well she told me I had gained 1 1/2 pounds.  How could that be?  I think maybe I should replace her and add dishonesty to her list of bad labels.  I quickly review in my head my perfect cleanse diet from the prior day while I try to go potty four more times.  She tells me the same thing, and instead of telling her I am done with her....moving on...eating whatever I so desire on the planet.....I decide I am in this for the long haul.  Her voice, and it's a loud voice, will not determine my success.  I will keep on keeping on, and I will see her again tomorrow morning.  Cause that is what good and determined people do....love their frenemies!