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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show Me the Numbers.


When I was young I had the luxury of only caring about one number when trying to lose weight.  The dreaded scale number.  Now that I have crossed over the dark side into the 40s it is like someone plugged me in and scrambled all my numbers.  Those very important numbers Dr. Oz talks about, that I didn't think applied to me before I turned 40.  Speaking of numbers.  And when my numbers came out of the scrambling machine they were not pretty.  Along with my number on the scale, they are all too high....way to high.

Amazing though....I have only been on this cleanse for one week and the numbers are going down...way down.   I started tracking my fasting blood sugar and morning blood pressure six days before the cleanse.  I want to include those numbers to show the big change.


1-25-11     117
1-26-11     120
1-27-11     113
1-28-11     117
1-29-11     110
1-30-11     113
2-1-11       111   Started the cleanse today.
2-2-11       112
2-3-11       102    This number is getting closer to below 100.
2-4-11        84   After only 3 cleanse days....I was jumping around the bathroom!
2-5-11       95
2-6-11       102
2-7-11       83    More excited jumping!
2-8-11       84    My kids think I must have lost my mind with all the jumping!

Just one week and my fasting blood sugars are so much better.  Numbers that make me smile and jump!


A little blood pressure background.  I had postpartum eclampsia six years ago, and have battled high blood pressure ever since.  I hope getting to a healthy weight will help it.  If the readings this week or any indication, it should.

1-25-11      146/88
1-26-11      124/84
1-27-11      140/84
1-28-11      134/80
1-29-11      106/70
1-30-11      125/76
2-1-11        139/78   Started the cleanse today.
2-2-11        122/78
2-3-11         98/70     After only 2 days a much better morning number!
2-4-11        100/68      Lots of smiling!
2-5-11        95/60      Squeezing the cat while jumping!
2-6-11       100/65      Dancing circles in the bathroom!
2-7-11       106/69      Yeah!
2-8-11       109/64      More yeahs!

Those numbers are encouraging.  Even my later in the day blood pressure readings are getting lower also.  This really gives me hope that at a healthy weight my numbers will be healthy consistently.


2-2-11   -2   This weigh in is the first morning after day 1 of the cleanse.
2-3-11   -1    The total is -3 now.
2-4-11   -1    Total is -4.
2-5-11   -2     Total is -6.
2-6-11   -0     Total is -6.
2-7-11   -1     Total is -7.
2-8-11    -0.5  Total is -7.5.     My scale just records half pounds.

Total weight loss for week one of the cleanse is 7.5 pounds.  I know I lost a lot of water retention.  I was so bloated from sugar, wheat, and dairy.

My cholesterol numbers are too high, and I hope to have them checked again this summer after I lose a good amount of this tire around my middle.  

Now that my weight loss is tied more to these important numbers, I hope this will encourage me to keep going until I reach a healthy number on the dreaded scale.  There are other lower numbers that I hope to achieve like the kind that are on the inside of my jeans, but these numbers this week are inspiring me to keep going...my body deserves it.   It so wants to heal itself if I will just feed it correctly and give it the chance!