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Friday, February 11, 2011

Eating to Live

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The amazing part about eating to live instead of living to eat is I do really feel like I am LIVING MORE.  When every meal and snack is not an obsession, when I am not planning a party in my mouth daily, when I am not pacing the kitchen searching for the perfect chocolate snack, when my body is not overloaded on sugar I begin to see, REALLY SEE other things.  I have so much more energy to straighten the areas that seemed so overwhelming just two weeks ago.  I am exercising and reading and folding laundry and hugging children as they come and go.  Living more means feeling more too, and I am experiencing these rounds of complete euphoria where I am overwhelmed with happiness bringing tears along with it.  Of course feeling more means it seems like the drama in my head is slightly more intense when I feel overwhelmed here or there, but still nothing like the hopelessness I was feeling two weeks ago.  More like a frustration that I need to work through.  Discussing schedules this morning while handing out lunches I commented that I was not going to be happy about something and my daughter #3 said,"Mom, I know what to do about that. (Me thinking ...good, a solution?) Just BE HAPPY."  I unhappily ....very unhappily thought about that little statement after she walked out the door, and after I got over myself realized she is right.  I am no Pollyanna, but I am a very blessed and loved child of God, content to by His grace LIVE LIFE aware and hopefully mainly happy in everything that crosses my path today.

Yesterday was another great day.  Below is what I ate between snow fun excursions.

Two berry smoothies.  One for me and one for my sweet hubby.

I squeezed in 34 minutes on this.  Not great time, but I am concentrating on the cleanse and just moving right now.  Next month I hope to start ramping up the exercise including weights.

I had 1/3 cup of cashews while driving children around, and this plate of hummus and veggies for lunch.

Dessert was once again crunchy and juicy apples.  My hubby ate half of these.

Dinner was one Valentine cup with green juice from the day before.

The scale is going down and my other numbers are still amazing me also.  I am off to serve food at the school  hot dog day.  They tell me I will be stuffing several hundred dogs.  Well I pray I will be doing it happily...daughter #3 might be watching.  I am off to make a peach almond butter smoothie for extra energy!

Had to throw in a picture or two of daughter #3 taken last weekend before the big dance.

And not to leave anyone out, behold daughter #2 who mixed it up a little for this dance.

Have a great Friday everyone!  This is the year for VICTORY!!!!