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Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was really busy but extremely rewarding.  I started the weekend on Friday cleaning like a mad woman and getting bedrooms ready for our 21 guests.  Then I took a quick break Friday afternoon to watch my baby girl get inducted into the National Honor Society.  This made me, her teacher at home until this year when she joyously entered the regular school system, extremely proud and teary.  After a reception we whizzed back to the home front to clean until the Dnow (Discipleship Now Conference) girlies and teachers knocked at our door.
It was a weekend full of food, loudness, little sleep, and lots of giggling, screaming and laughing.  I cannot explain how I cooked dozens of delicious pancakes, a massive amount of yummy spaghetti,  stared at their stash of junk snacks they brought, and attended two bridal showers with massively enticing loads of food without really wanting any of it.  It was the grace of God.  It was so nice to honestly not feel deprived or wishing I could dive face first into all the treats.  This cleanse is really changing my taste buds and cravings.  I think watching my numbers every morning also makes me realize no sugar cookie or plate of spaghetti is worth diabetes.
Below are a few pictures of our weekend.  I stayed on the cleanse plan perfectly and my Mr. Smoothie did pretty well with a possible  nibble of an Oreo or to from the snack counter.  Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to post my results from the cleanse week three!

                       Okay my camera is so slow and I missed the sword over the head shot.

Above is the stash of junk food and pop the girls brought.  Pop modeled by my two sweet brother stooges.  The were so proud of this shot...budding comedians that they are.  

Minus a couple of the girls, but this is most of our guests for the weekend.
 One of the teachers is getting married soon, so we had a surprise shower for her Saturday evening.
Her wedding colors are black, red, cream, and silver.

The happy bride to be.
And I cannot leave out the wedding dress designs made out of toilet paper.  The girls really did a great job.  I think they must be watching those wedding dress shows!

I am not designer, but I think maybe my baby girl should have taken her aqua hoodie off first.

Final morning breakfast before we headed to church for the big final rally.  I wish I had not forgotten my camera so that I could post the darling final group picture in their yellow matching Dnow shirts.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but I met some really sweet and mature girls that impressed me with their desire to learn, grow, and minister to others.  I also came home Sunday afternoon and took a three hour nap; I am getting a little old trying to keep up with energetic seventh grade girls! 


Callie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! It is so great that you had no cravings or overcame any you may have had. I'm sure all those girls enjoyed the weekend too...I used to love doing things like this with my youth group!

BrendaKaye said...

It really was a lot of fun and so encouraging to see such sweet girls that could have crazy loud fun one minute and sit in the discussion time the next just pouring out their hearts to each other.