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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recap for Cleanse Week 2

Yesterday my Valentine of 25 years asked to join me on this cleanse.  As the cleanse goes we have liquid for breakfast, real approved food for lunch, and liquid for dinner.  Above was what was left of our green juice dinner.  Mr. Valentines's cup is the one one the left; I wish I had been watching when he licked that baby out!  It must have been truly good to the last drop.

My numbers are good, and that alone is proof to me that I need to eat healthier for the rest of my life.  I am disappointed in my scale number, but hopefully it will start going down some more this week.  I am really enjoying this cleanse right now, and it is a good thing because I am just a little over halfway since I am doing four weeks this time.  I am really tired today though, and hoping some of that energy from the first week will reappear soon; I am hostessing DNOW (discipleship now) for a group of seventh grade girls and their leaders this weekend, so another energy burst would be wonderful about tomorrow morning!

Week Two Results

Fasting Blood Sugar

2-8-11      84
2-9-11      90
2-10-11    76    Wow!! Loving this one!
2-11-11    81
2-12-11    89
2-13-11    92
2-14-11    95    Not loving this one, but it is still under 100!

Morning Blood Pressure

2-8-11     109/64
2-9-11     109/61
2-10-11    100/62
2-11-11    97/65      Wow!  Smiling bigtime!
2-12-11    107/62
2-13-11    86/58      My lowest yet!
2-14-11    98/59

Dreaded Scale Numbers

2-9-11   -2lbs   I recorded 2-8-11 on last weeks update since the scale starts going down one day into the    
2-10-11  -0
2-11-11  -1 lb
2-12-11   -1 lb
2-13-11  + 1.5 lbs  This was a rough morning on the scale.  I think I went potty 98 times...to no avail.
2-14-11  -0 lbs
2-15-11   -0 lbs

That is hard for me to follow, but with losses and gains I ended up with a loss of 2.5 pounds for week two.  This brings the two week loss to -10 pounds.  I wanted to show the numbers daily to show how frustrating that dreaded scale can be.  I stayed completely on the cleanse plan and still saw the scale dip down and then go back up.  I don't know if it is water or what, but I do not like scale surprises unless they are in my favor...of course.

I did exercise four times last week: three 34 minute rounds on the elliptical, and one 45 minute walk at the gym with a friend.

Todays food was a berry smoothie, lunch of grilled salmon, asparagus, and brown rice and quinoa (pictured below), some almonds, and a mango pineapple smoothie.

After a brisk 34 minute walk outside in the glorious sunshine and 60 degrees, I was ready to grill and eat!!

Fifteen days down and thirteen to go!!  This is the year for VICTORY!!!!!!!!