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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emotional Eater Me

I am such an emotional eater.  Today is day 17 of my cleanse and tonight I was so tired.  I just wanted to throw in the whole load of towels and call it quits.  I wanted to grab Mr. Smoothie and run for the nearest restaurant for a long overdue date night.  I knew this was not an option, so I tried to rack my brain for what was going on, and I didn't have to rack very far.  My house needs some scrubbing...a LOT of scrubbing, straightening, vacuuming, sweeping...etc.  This isn't unusual except for the fact that this time I have a deadline.  Friday, this Friday, I am hostessing a group of 17 young people all weekend for a wonderful event.  I just don't want to scrub and clean...who does?!  I realize procrastinating what I need to be doing is causing me to want to grab some comfort from another source, and of course my usual go to source is my friend food.  Not this time.  I searched my cleanse book for some help, and came up with the energy smoothie of peaches and almond butter.  So I am sitting  to blog my feelings, down my energy smoothie, and hopefully get motivated to work.  Actually just writing this down makes me feel a little better, or maybe it is the smoothie already energizing me! ha.
Yesterday was a good on plan day.  The scale just doesn't want to budge much.  Today's food is below.  I am counting the massive amount of cleaning I am about to engage in as my exercise.

           Breakfast for me and Mr. Smoothie was a polka dot berry smoothie.  It was thick and cold.

 I felt like Dorthy it was so windy in my neck of the woods while I grilled our lunch.  I grilled fresh garlic dijon agave chicken tenders, asparagus, and yellow squash.  This platter will feed us for two meals at least.
                                                      A veggie closeup.  Yum.
                                                          Chicken tender closeup.

                                                                        My plate.

                                  Dinner was an energy smoothie with peaches and almond butter.

I really have to go clean now.  I know I will feel so much better when I am done.  How do you motivate yourself to do a job you are really dreading? I would love to hear some ideas!


Callie said...

I have this same problem! Except, not only do I start emotionally eating when I haven't cleaned the house, I also get kind of depressed. It took me a while to actually figure out what was causing it, I would pray and spend time in the Word, and I would find scripture after scripture on being a good wife and keeping busy in the home. Any other time, this particular scripture put me on the defensive, but God spoke to me through it this time. The minute I started handling the cleaning in my house little steps at a time each day, my mood increased. So now when I look around and am just not wanting to clean (I didn't grow up in an immaculate house and I certainly don't know how to keep one), I go ahead and start on at least one task. If I have a deadline, I separate the tasks out and do the work a little at a time, it just seems less overwhelming. Hope I could be of help! Enjoy your weekend event!

BrendaKaye said...

You are so right Callie! I do get depressed the longer I put off what I should clean or straighten, and then I want to eat, and then I am even more depressed! You are also right about the scripture. I am trying to focus more on the Word and then I am more content in Jesus than centered on me. I also love your point about how the Word is sharp and alive and can show us different things at different times!