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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 3 Cleanse Results

Above is dinner last night: freshly juiced watercress, beet, cabbage, carrot, lemon, and apple juice.  I tried to do it without the lemon and apple and it only made one-half a cup; that translated to one-fourth of a cup for me and Mr. Smoothie.....NOT ENOUGH!  Adding the lemon and apple gave us each one full cup and covered up the taste a good bit; although he still complained.  It did make the prettiest color which does not really show up well in the picture.
Working backwards yesterday's lunch is below.  It was broiled salmon, brown rice and quinoa, and steamed broccoli.                                                
The topping on the fish is made of fresh garlic, Dijon mustard, and a little Agave.  Breakfast yesterday was a berry smoothie.

Today is day 22 for my cleanse adventure.  The program in the book calls for 21 days, and I am doing an extra week this time.  It just seemed to make sense since there are 28 days in February to just dedicate the whole month to the program.  I am adding a new element to this cleanse; inspired by the vegan for a week trial that the Oprah staff did I am going to try to add vegan to my last week of the cleanse.  I only get meat at the middle meal of the day anyway, so surely it will be doable to leave it out and replace it with vegetables and beans.  If it starts to drive me crazy, my first priority is the cleanse, so I will add meat back in if I can't handle the vegan.  I am just curious to see if I notice any changes without meat.


Fasting Blood Sugar

2-15-11      87
2-16-11      85
2-17-11      79     Love it.  So much better than a sugar cookie!
2-18-11      92
2-19-11      86
2-20-11      89
2-21-11      77    A little jumping up and down happening here!

Morning Blood Pressure

2-15-11      97/63
2-16-11      97/62
2-17-11      95/60
2-18-11      79/53    This may be my lowest yet.
2-19-11      94/67
2-20-11      93/58
2-21-11      95/46

Dreaded Scale Numbers

2-16-11      -0.5
2-17-11      -0
2-18-11      -0.5
2-19-11      -0
2-20-11      -0.5
2-21-11      -0.5
2-22-11       -0

So a total of only -2 lbs this week.  Total pounds lost in the three weeks of the cleanse is 12.  The dreaded scale lived up to its name.  I don't think I have ever watched in go down so slowly in half a pound increments.  I really love the way I am feeling though, and my blood sugar and blood pressure is so much better, that continuing on has been a clear choice for me.  Not always an easy choice, but a clear choice.

Some other changes after three weeks of the cleanse:

SKIN, SKIN, AND SKIN.  My skin is so much softer.  Seriously.  Behind my earlobes and my elbows could pass for baby skin...maybe. I went to a bridal shower Saturday afternoon, and the mother of the bride asked what I was eating because she said my skin looked so young.  I had never met her before, and she had no idea I was cleansing (as far as I know).  Really I don't tell that to brag; I was just so shocked that someone noticed and connected it to what I eat!

CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES.  They are fitting soooo much better.  My 14 pants that were a nightmare to squeeze on are now fitting correctly.  My muffin top is going down and not hanging over my spanx.  My boots that were getting dangerously tight zipped up with ease.  My shirts are fitting a little looser...and we all know what that means!  Why does the chest always go first?!  Oh and one last very important one...a little TMI maybe but....my undies are fitting nicely without rolling down!!  Yay for undies that stay up!

ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE.   It is hopeful, confident, and happier.  This small taste of victory gives me hope for the future, allowing me to dream of the future realistically.  Not dreaming like it won't happen, but dreaming with a plan.  I wake up confident that today will be a success like the last 21 days; not in an arrogant way but humbled by the grace of God that makes it possible  to continue on in His power that supported me the day before.  Happier because I am so close to the memory of living in daily defeat that I am thankful for a respite from the sadness and depression it brings.

HEALTHIER, HEALTHIER, HEALTHIER.   My numbers are showing it.  My skin is showing it, and I can't help but think if my skin on the outside...my largest organ is glowing and changing....what are all the organs doing inside!

HUNGRIER, HUNGRIER, HUNGRIER.    Not gonna lie.  My tummy rumbles a lot.  When I go to bed I am slightly hungry each night.  Usually I pray this is a mean moving metabolism and my frenemy the dreaded scale will be down a miraculous 3 pounds in the morning.  As you can see that was NEVER  the case this week.  Embracing the hunger is a part of the process for me; sometimes I don't mind it and other times I get whiny.

EMOTIONAL, EMOTIONAL, EMOTIONAL.   Teary and moody.  Very happy one minute and sad the next.  Overall though I am facing the sadness without my food crutch.  This is a good thing.  It is making me just start to learn to be sad and accept it.  I have a long ways to go, but this is probably the most important aspect of the journey because if I fail again and gain back all my weight (the cycle I have been stuck in for 6 years) , it will be because I medicate my feelings with food.

Week three behind me, I am starting week four today!!  This week I also need to decide what plan happens after week four.   I am off to meet a friend and walk at the church gym while my two little brother stooges....the pop picture boys from the last post play basketball.

                                            It cracks me up....just had to add it again.


Dani said...

I hope going vegan goes well for you- I'm trying my first full vegetarian week- I don't want to give up dairy =] Good luck!

BrendaKaye said...

I would love to hear how you like it! I am already giving up dairy, sugar, and gluten so I thought this would be a good time to experiment with no meat also. I do miss my cheese though! I love organic sugar free coconut milk as a replacement for milk in my smoothies. I'll check out your blog to see how you like it! :)