Everything's Bouquet

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby It's Hot Outside

If only the heat melted pounds I'd be Twiggy right now.  This is what my car temperature read yesterday after I survived two final baseball games and a celebration lunch.  To be fair it did slowly climb down to 109 degrees.  I think the heat must have gotten to my brain because I completely gave in and ate pizza at the luncheon.  I had planned to stick to my two plates of salad, but somehow found myself eating pizza and dessert pizza.  Below are a few pictures of THING 3 and THING 4 at their final events.  Notice the handsome coach eating amongst his players.

It is HOT, and I love the heat over the cold, but it is HOT.  One wonderful thing about the heat and weighing 43 pound less: NO SPANX.  Seriously, I wore spanx all the time before.  I would have been dying in it today.  Really, I don't know how I thought that itty bitty spanx was making 43 pounds disappear, but I didn't leave home without it...rain or shine, cold or hot.  Summer and the heat is so much better without all my old fat rolls.  Not that I don't still have enough left behind, but it's light years better.

In fact, I went shopping for capris for Vacation Bible School (VBS), now called Camp Outrageous (CO). and was amazed at the sizes that fit.  Whohoo to the size tens and medium shirts that fit!!  I did buy size 12's reluctantly.  The cheaper price overruled my vanity.  They do go on and off without unbuttoning and unzipping though, so unless major washing shrinkage happens they may not be around very long.  What didn't fit well?  DRESSES.  My apple shape makes my chest and waist still to big to look good in a dress yet.  I can't wait to wear dresses again someday.

This week is our church's  Camp Outrageous.  I love it and look forward to it every year.  I can't wait to spend this week with thirty four plus awesome third graders.  We invited my husbands seven and nine year old nephews (recently relocated from South Africa to the United States) to join us for the week.  My boys are ecstatic.  I may or may not have much time for blogging this week.  Between CO, nine children, pool time, workout time, husband time, and nap time there may not be much blogging time.  I would love your prayers this week!  During CO each year I always tell my life story, so the children can see how God worked through and blessed enormously in my entire life.  I tell the story slowly ( a little each day) and anonymously telling them the story is my life on the last day.  I would like to mirror the story here on my blog this week if I find time to sneak back to my computer.