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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Update ALREADY???

We invited the cousins who moved to the United States from their homeland of South Africa last December to spend Camp Outrageous (our Vacation Bible School) week with us.  My two boys, the two who have four sisters right above them, are in boy heaven. I think the cousins  are having a great time, once they got over their disappointment  that there would be no zip lines or real tents to sleep in (it is called CAMP Ourtrageous).  Our mornings are filled with fun at CO, and in hopes of keeping my house in one piece, our afternoons are spent in the pool.  So far my plan is a success; nights two and three found them crashing in the bed.  My husband and I were giggling at the snoring coming out of the bedroom adjacent to ours last night.

I am loving teaching our fantastic group of 36 third graders in our awesomely decorated room (cough on the room decoration part).  I try, but I won't be winning any room decorating awards in my lifetime!  But my main focus is the sweet children and the time I get to spend encouraging and teaching them for one short week.  My daughter snapped the photo of me teaching the boys without me knowing it.  Horror of horror. When I left the house in my new summer shirt I didn't see this person in the mirror.  Honestly, I still see  myself at goal weight, and when I see realistic pictures of me with 39 extra pounds on I am still shocked.  Reality oh reality, I need a bigger dose of you.  Maybe I just need to keep taking pictures.

SIDE VIEW....keep'in it real here thanks to Emma my secret photographer.

One last photo of our entry door Amazon animals; like I said....REALITY is not my strong suit!  We like our crocs big and our elephants and palm trees small.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 5/31 through 6/6

Morning Blood Pressure for 5/31 through 6/6

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 6/1 through 6/7
So this week continues my minus 1 pound streak AGAIN.  Not a habit I want to continue unless the alternative is not losing or gaining...in that case 1 pound a week will get me there eventually in 39ish more weeks.  I just really would like for it to be quicker than that.  So my total loss so far is 43 pounds.  Tonight I let myself have some ice cream...ugh.  This fresh air and swimming daily is really making me hungry and munchy.  I also haven't taken the time to eat breakfast while leaving the house early for CO.  I think that is setting me up for munchies later too.  I don't know; this week is a little bit of survival mode.  When CO is over and the cousins are gone, I hope to work harder at this again.

Exercise for 5/31 through 6/6
2.13 miles/ 30 min. dreadmill at gym/ upper body workout
None.  Pool and heat wore this mama out!
3.8 miles/ 46 min. elliptical/ lower body workout
3.5 miles/46 min. elliptical/ upper body workout
None. Baseball and shopping!
None.  Decorated CO room all afternoon!
4.1 miles/ 46 min. elliptical/ lower body workout

Have a great week everyone!! I love summer, but I am trying to figure out my healthy/dieting life and how I work it successfully in this new (and temporary) schedule.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I think you look nice in those pictures! You are doing a great job with those kids, and they look like they are having a wonderful time!

BrendaKaye said...

You are so encouraging Diane! Thank you for putting a smile on my face! We did have a great week!