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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 19 Results

Last week my youngest daughter, my baby girl, was too busy at camp to text or call home.  She was preoccupied with representing her blue team from head to toe  and other important camp things.  She came home Friday night, threw her stuffed suitcase in the laundry room, and slept for five days straight.  I hope she comes out of her shell a little more for camp next year.

Father's Day was relaxing and special.  I was actually not feeling well, so my sweet hubby grilled lunch for our tribe.  That is just one of the many examples of why he is such a fantastic dad. This little guy shared an important decision he had previously made at home, at church, and that was exciting.  Nothing like a little guy dressed in his Sunday best.

I warned my youngest that this is the last week of his three week VBS summer tour.  Mr. Optimist assured me that there might be another VBS out there somewhere.  He may be my most social child yet, and as you saw from Miss Blue Team, it runs in the family.

This last week we also joined the local library summer reading program, swam in the gym pool a lot, and did not clean the house a lot.  This Friday we are hosting a cookout in honor of my oldest daughter's boyfriend attaining his USA citizenship.  So, let the cleaning begin; let it begin soon please!

In the eating healthy arena I continue to play with fire, dance on the edge of the slippery slope, and run fast toward the tornado.   (My 11 year old suggested that last one. All the spring storm warnings must have made a lasting impression on him.)  I'm still at a total loss of 42 pounds.  I ended  May at a loss of minus 42 pounds. If a miracle doesn't happen I am going to end June on the same note.  I have been trying to tell myself that maybe I just needed a month to maintain. A healthy month of maintaining would be okay.  Maybe even a necessary part of the process. But my unhealthy nibbling isn't okay, and it is escalating into full servings of dessert/sugar, and I confess I am veering away from the clean eating path.  I have done this before during this last six years, and it usually means I am headed for disaster.

I like eating healthy.  I like feeling healthy and strong.  I like smooth skin and smaller sizes.  I like looking forward to the morning scale.  I like feeling successful when I'm falling asleep at night.  I like zipping up my shorts without sucking in my breath and praying the button doesn't pop.

There's A LOT of things I like about living healthy, and A LOT I don't like about gaining all my weight back and living in defeat.  Enough stalling and playing around with sugar.  It's not nearly as fun as peace feels.  So please say a prayer for me as I AGAIN focus and get back to losing and saying no to sugar.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 6/14 through 6/20
These results show that my body does not process refined carbohydrates well at all.  My goal this week is to get back to some 80 ranges.

Morning Blood Pressure for 6/14 through 6/20
These morning numbers are also starting to creep up a little.

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 6/15 through 6/21
So this week I lost 2 pounds bringing my total loss back to minus 42.  (I lost 2 of the 3 pounds I had gained last week, so I still need to lose 1 more of them!)  I would really like to lose something this week so I can have a loss during the month of June.  I cannot believe there are only nine days left in June!

Exercise for 6/14 through 6/20
3 miles/ ?34ish? elliptical at gym forgot to write time down
None.  Did personal profile at gym though.
3 miles/ outside 50.45 min. and upper body workout
3/3 miles/outside 51.45 min.
Rest day/ Father's Day!
3.8 miles/ 46 min. elliptical and lower body workout

My writing in my journal gets messier and sloppier when I'm not proud of what I have to record.  I also didn't even write down my food on Father's Day.  I also don't know if every nibble made it to my journal.  That's the problem (or one of the many problems) with nibbling....my brain tends to forget it even if my hips don't. So getting busy to see if I can produce a little teeny tiny loss for the month of June!  I know it should not all be about the scale, but in this case the scale is a pretty honest indicator of my increasing refined carb intake for these last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Good post! Exciting news about your son. God is good!
Interesting about sloppier writing when you're not proud of what you've eaten - I've never noticed that before but I do think it's true. Another "aha".