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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update and Mini Version Week 20 Results

A little of what I have been doing lately besides sitting at the pool reading while my boys swam.  Friday night we had a big patriotic cookout in honor of my daughter's "friend" getting his USA citizenship.

We brought out a little bit of our 4th of July decorations to help us celebrate.

Saturday my husband and I walked out the door with our two youngest boys to head to the gym to workout and swim.  My excitement over working out with my man in the upstairs area faded quickly when we were greeted with signs on the entrance announcing (reminding those of us with short memories like moi) the pirate pool day.  Of course we couldn't miss a minute of Pirate Pool day, so we skipped our workout and headed out to partake of the festivities.   Whoever thought  face painted black pirate patches at a pool was an intelligent idea needs a new career other than Pirate Pool Planning for sure.

Sunday was a wonderful day packed to the brim.  My little guy was baptized.  He was so excited.

After our celebration lunch I crashed for a quick nap, and we all piled in the car for a patriotic concert and fireworks at our church.  I did not bake or partake of that lovely cake, and I may or may not have had one of the star spangled banner brownies someone else brought.

Tuesday evening we hosted a cookout for my husbands family and his visiting relatives from California.  This Friday my brothers family arrives for a fun weekend, followed by my parents next week. Below is our cookout Tuesday.

Above is my gang missing one daughter who is suffering at camp at the beach in Florida.

Summer is kicking my diet it seems.  At least that is what I wanted to whine about.  But WAIT...summer is what I have been dreaming about.  Everything is better in summer right?  I lived all the dreary January through March dreaming of hot summer days, sunshine galore, never opening a textbook, and free hours to exercise my pounds away.  To some degree all that is true and more, but summer is also way busier than I remembered.  Adding the pool hours in is lovely for my recreational reading and child entertainment, but annihilating my projects (aka cleaning out closets etc).

I refuse to blame summer.  After all, after summer comes our birthday month of August.  Five of our birthdays in one month is always a lot of cake and celebrating.  Fall follows August and always brings that crisp air awakening my sleeping baking giant.  The baking begins and escalates until the holidays are over, and all that's left is me, my additional poundage, and my date with the scale on January first.  What does all this mean?  I have a four month shot to lose weight every year?  January through April is all I have?

NO.  I need to stop blaming the season, the month, the holiday, the friends, the children, the hubby, the Kroger bakery that marks down the sugary junk, the lady that frowns at me in the library, and the car that drives insanely slow in front of me.  LIFE is LIFE.  All of this is life.  So this month has been busy.  It has been a really fun and wonderful kind of busy.  I've got to learn to have fun and eat healthy.  I've got to learn to be frustrated, sad, lonely, and happy while I eat healthy.  I've got to learn to exercise regularly and eat correctly no matter what month, week, day, hour, or minute of life I am in.

This week I did not lose any weight.  I did not gain any either, but maintenance is not my goal at this point.  I am still at a total loss of minus 42 pounds.  That is what I started this month at.  I think I enjoyed June a little too much and didn't stick to my mission.

I'm going to take a week or two off from all my regular stats (blood sugar etc).  I'll post a picture of my pitiful journal this week.  I didn't record my food for five days which (shocker) led me to not weigh myself for four days.  Now that is a scary and slippery slope that I do not want to continue, so this week my goal is to journal my food daily, and weigh daily.

I finished my study tonight with a support group watching the Made To Crave videos.  It was really good, very inspiring, and I can't wait to share some of her thoughts.


Vickie said...

you are absolutely right, can find an excuse every single day of the year, if we are looking for excuses. And you are also right that food is key. Most of us can't exercise hard enough to work off bad food choices. I understand about gyms being closed/pirate pool parties, but there are always other alternatives, if we look FOR them. You are doing a very good job in redirecting yourself today/right now instead of waiting for the season to change. I have a big X through the half of the calendar square every Tuesday and Thursday of the whole year. That means, hell or high water, I get my exercise in those days (I choose to do 2-3 intense hours 2x per week these days). I honor my x's.

Vickie said...

I was at the pool this morning and thought of your line "sitting at the pool reading while my boys swam"

maybe that is your only down time all week and you want to sit and read.

but did occur to me to mention - if there is a 10-15 minute adult swim, can get in and swim laps or treadwater in the deep end for that time. or if there is a lap lane set up, can swim laps while the boys swim.

when I used to sit while middle child was in gymnastics, I often commented that I wished the owner would put in a row of treadmills or stationary bikes for the moms to use. Never once occurred to me to go 'walk the parking lots' or 'run' instead of sitting. she was often there for a couple hours, so even if I had power walked for 45 minutes, would still have 'seen her practice'.

One year I went to the gym at 1pm each school day and worked until 2:30 when I went to pick up carpool.

There was once a mom who parked her car early and then ran for 30 minutes arriving back at car right when the kids were dismissed. I always thought it probably helped her time/pushed herself as she started out one direction and had to get all the way around and back on time so kids weren't waiting.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Love all the pictures - especially the little guy getting baptized! Such a special time. And special times can be dangerous in results of food!