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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painless Personal Profile Accomplished

Food == Fun....NOT SO, NO, NO, NO.  After I picked up Robin and his brother Peter Pan from a nearby VBS (it was super hero day, and yes this is their second VBS which makes me mother of the year- not, but they are loving it), Robin announced that he wanted to go directly to Sonic to use his free ice cream coupon from VBS.  I started thinking what "FUN" that would be; lunch on a hot summer day with my boys at the drive in.  Then I reminded myself that food is not fun; at least I need to break that mental attitude in my life.  Food for me needs to be nourishment and fuel.  I need to find fun in living: snapping pictures of Robin in full dramatic poses,hugging my hubby in the kitchen, pushing my grocery cart with strong healthy legs, feeling the hot sunshine on my face, listening to the afternoon shower out my window, and even getting my not so stellar personal profile results.  FUN.

I am home with my Life Time Fitness Polar Body Age four page personal profile.  I only weighed two more pounds on their scale in clothing and shoes (and water), so I think my scale is very accurate.  I'll give you the rundown below.

Body Mass Index:  28.1 falling into the overwight level of 25-29.9.
Cardiovascular-Max V02:  31.5  this fell in the Moderate level of 28-31.
Bicep Strength:  55 falling in the average level of 37-55.
Sit and Reach:  8.5 falling in the lowest level of POOR 0-22.  Really poor actually!
Body Composition (FAT):  35.2%  OUCH!! falling into the HIGH category 30.1- 35.0.  Really a little into the edge of VERY HIGH.
Overall Fitness: 44 falling into the average range of 41-60....barely falling into that range.  Good starts at 61 and excellent starts at 81.

My body age was 53 compared to my chronological age of 46...OUCH!  They say I have an "Obtainable Body Age" of 41.  That sounds like a challenge!! They say I need to improve my body composition, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular V02 scores to improve my Body Age.  They say I need to lose 25 pounds to be in the normal BMI range and decrease my Fat Mass to 33 from 58.  The program says my BMR is 1503 calories a day (the calories I burn just living).

The trainer, Neil, said I have upper cross syndrome and some lower cross syndrome.  I totally agree.  My posture is awful, and I have two herniated neck disks that flare up routinely.  He said he will help me develop a strength training regime that will strengthen my upper and lower back.  I need endurance in those areas to support my bad spine.  I can hardly keep my shoulders back/up without wanting to let them sag within 60 seconds.  When I do my upper body exercises at home the part I hate the most is my shoulders and back exercises, and I need them the most!

My body fat is very high and I didn't need a program to tell me that; I've got very big mirrors in my bathroom that are doing a fine job at a cheaper rate.  BUT the flexibility was worse than I wanted to admit.  POOR...the lowest category.  I am so stiff, and I don't like feeling like I'm 85 already.  The trainer suggested four lessons of one on one Pilates, and then two group Pilates classes a week for a few months.

He, Mr. Neil, also suggested I do the Metabolic Tests that measure my Cardio point and my Calorie point.  He said these will tell me my exact basal metabolic rate and my cardiovascular level so I will know how to stay in my proper training zones helping me get the most out of my workout.  Getting the most out of my workout will help me BURN MORE FAT....music to my ears.

Of course none of this is free.  I am beginning to wonder what is free for our hefty monthly family fee. I would like to try the pilates for my flexibility issues, and I would love to do the tests just for their data.  I love data.
Maybe I can count this as my early birthday present for the next ten birthdays???

Oh and can you guess what tomorrows VBS theme is? Yesterday was tacky day followed by hero day today.

Big, bold, and bad hair day.  Yes, to help us out, the nice kindergarten teacher even sent home green hair paint in Robin's bag, and as we were pulling onto our street I heard this strange hissing sound behind me as Robin said,"I don't see the green in your hair Peter."


Vickie said...

I am very surprised he didn't mention yoga too. (Or might it be that they do not offer yoga classes?)

I agree with the benefits of pilates 100%. But would suggest yoga and pilates (both).

And twice a week is a normal class schedule.

YOu might not need 4 personal classes to teach you the positions. it might be that 2 are enough. and you might consider one training session, then going to class once to try it, and then doing your other one on one sessions. I say that simply because it might have more meaning to you if you try the actual class.

I started pilates with very little core strength. my very wise instructor taught me to focus on the roll DOWN instead of the roll up.

She would have me hoist myself up how every I needed to and then put focus on rolling down, really using those seemingly nonexistent ab muscles.

this was very helpful mentally when I started these classes.

If you happen to carry your excess weight in your torso, like I did, roll ups are tough stuff. They will teach you things like flexing your feet (instead of pointing your toes) in roll ups which somehow gives you more power to get up.

I do not mention the torso thing to discourage you, but instead to mention reality so you know it will not all come on the first day.

Is this all thru a gym? is there an extra charge for classes or are they included in your monthly fee?

your numbers/data were very interesting.

BrendaKaye said...

I am not sure if all the classes cost money or not...I hope not. The group Pilate class he recommends does cost 25 a class. I saw some yoga classes on the schedule..hopefully there are some free ones; I would like to try it too. I really need to work on my flexibility (and everything else).

armouris said...

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