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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Results

My daughter's lunch plate above minus the tiny piece of chicken she had on the side.  Maybe a little more lunches like her and a lot less twix trifle and I might have better Tuesday results next week.  My weigh in was horrendous.....ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS.  Overall though my week was really fantastic.  I enjoyed making memories with my boys and their cousins, loved Camp Outrageous, and ended the week with a wonderful summer night date night with my handsome Camp Outrageous technical supporter (thank you honey for printing all those pictures).

I could have, and should have eaten like a sane person in a clean manner; when I stepped on that dreaded scale this morning I certainly wished I had.  I am such an emotional eater.  I think I celebrate with food as much as I use it to medicate sadness.  Thus why during the happy month of December I always gain weight.  Last week I felt a lot of pressure to make the week happy for my boys and their visiting cousins, organized and delightful for my supportive and wonderful Camp Outrageous workers, and personally special for my 40 Camp Outrageous students.  It was a good pressure, but still weighed on me.  As the week started to come to a successful end I felt a great feeling of relief and pure exhaustion.  As the week came to an end my nibbling and munching accelerated.

Saturday night Terry and I celebrated with a date night dinner and a movie.  We tried a Mediterranean restaurant; it was delicious and somewhat healthy.  The owner was just too nice however.  He suggested our selections and we complied right down to the "special tea" that was delicious but full of honey.  He checked on us so much that I felt like I needed to eat every bite.  Not that eating everything was a sacrifice considering how yummy it was.  If I had ended there I probably would have been okay, but it was a slippery slope that found my spoon in the twix trifle the rest of the weekend.

I didn't make the TT....it mysteriously made its way to my fridge while I was out.  Sometimes when I am in the zone (oh zone I love you) I am not even phased by desserts/sugar, but last week I forgot the zone existed.  It is totally my fault.  I am not going to let my poor food choices overshadow the fact that the rest of last week was fantastic.  I am thankful for my blessings, and will get my healthy mind and body into gear as I get back on track.

I thought losing 40 plus pounds meant losing it again would be easy.  I am realizing that losing the second half may be harder than the first half.  Tomorrow I meet with a trainer at the gym (using free joining "bucks"); maybe she will have some insight and help.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 6/7 through 6/13

Morning Blood Pressure for 6/7 through 6/13

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 6/8 through 6/14
too scared to weigh...NOT GOOD!
too scared to weigh....NOT GOOD!
+ 1.5

This week I GAINED 3 pounds bringing my total weight loss to minus 40 pounds.  It is never a good sign when I am afraid to weigh.  I hope I can lose those 3 pounds this week and get back on track.  It seemed like it was so hard to lose 1 pound a week the last few weeks, and now I gained 3 back in one week.  UGH.  Obviously I have issues with overeating if I can gain 3 pounds in one week.  I am amazed by the journeys of some who start losing weight and never miss a week of losing at least something, and they NEVER gain.  Any of you out there who lost a lot of weight and had weeks once in a while when you gained?  I don't want to yoyo with weight all my life, but I have a ways to go until I conquer this battle.

Exercise for 6/7 through 6/13
None; played in pool for almost 2 hours.
3.0 miles/47.45 min. outside/ upper body
3.0 miles/47.22 min outside
None; CO clean-up day.
3.0 miles/ 35.20 min elliptical
1.2 slow walk outside
3.9 mi/ 46 min. elliptical, lower body

Looking back over my food for this last week I realize it was not good all week.  Today was a healthy eating day, and I hope tomorrow will be another one!  Maybe that trainer will have some magic to share with me! :)


Vickie said...

the fact that you can objectively look at what was going on last week is a really good sign. I that 'reality' viewpoint is so much healthier than taking it personally (and then continuing the habits that weren't working for you). I agree, the positive times can be just as much a challenge as harder emotional times.

BrendaKaye said...

The hard part for me now Vickie is not continuing the bad sugar habits. Once I let sugar in I have a hard time letting it go. I think maybe summer feels a little like a long party/vacation and that makes me want to eat what I want (I need to change my wants really). I need to look at summer time as more time to work out and prepare healthy foods! I loved your post today about eating breakfast and sleeping.