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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Half My June Plan Out the Window

I thought I had a two part plan for the month of June to get my weight loss rolling again. The first part killed the second part, or maybe summer killed the second part, or maybe I killed the second part...but the second part isn't going to happen; not in June anyway.
The first part of my plan involves joining this place (below).  Check. Done.  We already have the sunburns to prove it.

Best decision ever.  We have been three times already.  I was hoping the gym and pool would get my boys away from the video games, computer screens, wrestling matches and into the fresh air leaving them too exhausted for those wrestling matches.  It is better than I imagined.  My eleven year old is swimming at least one mile in laps every time, and my six year old, the boy who didn't want to put his face under water on day one, by day three is swimming!  An added bonus: childcare!  I wasn't planning to use it much, but  my six year old visited the playroom while I worked out upstairs the first day, and he now begs daily to go back.  I'll have to indulge him once in a while; it's summer after all.

I hope to use some of my free joining "bucks" to see a trainer once or twice.  I'd also love to try a few different classes this summer. Besides some cardio classes I'd like to try yoga and pilates.

Part 2 was food related.  Since I started this journey doing a full month of the Clean program cleanse, I thought my halfway mark would be a good time to do it again for twenty-one days.  I geared myself up mentally to start on June first.  June first we came home from the pool happy and exhausted.  I didn't have enough time to prepare a meal following the program (before we had to run to our next event), and my heart just wasn't in it.  I still plan to eat clean as much as possible, but summer and a strict cleanse just don't go together.  I actually have more time in the winter when I am home daily than I have in the out of routine summer months.  Maybe I'll do one again in the fall or winter, but not now.  So part one kicked part two to the curb.  I just want to be more flexible with myself and family right now.

So my summer plan is pretty simple: lots of family time, exercising, eating clean, and surviving the heat!  I would love to lose eight to ten pounds each month, but the scale is moving slower these days so we'll see!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Sounds like a lovely plan! Summer is a great time for relaxing with the family, and still eating healthy. Good for you!

BrendaKaye said...

I am trying Diane, but I am better at a routine. It is easier for me to stick to everything healthy during the school year when I am in a somewhat normal routine. I am trying to figure out summertime; I love the fun and family time, but I hope I don't get too relaxed with the diet and head back to bad habits!