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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover






BEFORE....no more....I feel like I've been to the eye doctor.  Confession: we are terrible dog groomers.  Every time I bring my Lhasa Apso home from the groomer I vow to bathe and brush her regularly.  Several weeks/months later I drive my failed project back to the groomer and ask for a puppy cut.  This time I decided the summer heat called for a complete shave.  My children are still not speaking to me.  They are lamenting her gone locks and pretty ears and muzzle.  So I am vowing AGAIN to bathe and comb Macie once she had some hair to bathe and comb.  I figure December will be a little cold for an entire shave down.

She is too tired for any more modeling, and so glad to be home.

On the diet front still struggling this week even though I know I have one week left in June to give it my all and pull off a little loss.  Ever done this?: Shopped early at Kroger yesterday and found a boatload of tantalizing unhealthy bakery goods on sale for one dollar each.  One dollar!  Four dollar cinnamon rolls for a dollar, and my baby loves them.  Four dollar blueberry scones for....you know...one dollar.  As par for the course we had teenage guests at the house, and I rationalized buying junk for the teens.  I know, no one at any age needs sugary junk.  Anyway, the question is not did you every buy junk, but did you ever buy junk, rationalize it was for everyone else (and honestly meant it of course), was determined you could handle the temptation of the junk at home on the counter, and then found yourself with your face in the junk?  I thought I was strong enough, and found myself eating a cinnamon roll at lunch and a blueberry scone for a late night snack.  Ugh.   

The scale was actually down this morning...oh scale I will never figure you out.  But it is not all about the scale, and my blood sugar numbers were up a little.  My joints are achy, and my head hurts from the sugar.  So I am not letting myself buy junk any more.  There are times when I'm in the zone, but I never know when that zone might be weak.  I also realize I need to feed my family more responsibly than bakery items.

I am realizing that eating, cooking, and baking the way I grew up is really not what I should continue today.  This is something I'm going to need to work through and figure out BEFORE fall weather hits and I want to bake and cook like a crazy woman.  

I'm off to move my body cleaning this house.  The boyfriend arrives today, and the siblings are all sharpening their inquisition techniques.  Oh the joys of having 6 siblings....I thought having one brother was a handful! Don't let that sweet smile in that picture below fool you....he would and will kill you over the tv clicker. (And in the pre-clicker days, Mr. Wrestler did a mad body slam if you got to close to that tv dial button. Yes, I lived in the day before the invention of the clicker.)  I still love you little bro. :)


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Those little doggies look so cute and cool in their haircuts! Enjoy your time with the bf and don't let those siblings get in your way! :)

BrendaKaye said...

Diane I'm sorry...I was not very clear in this post at all..the pictures are actually all of one dog..Macie...I just wanted to show a few different views, and the bf is our daughters bf...I'm not sure if you thought it was mine or hers. I should have made that clearer. He is getting his citizenship tomorrow..exciting. He has lived in the US for ten years now.

E. Jane said...

Love the photos of your dog. We have a little cairn terrier, and I always vow to brush her too, after her grooming, but I fall down on the job.

I enjoy your blog and will be back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog- I've read about the DVDs and considered buying them. Good to hear about them from someone who's seen them.
Enjoyed reading your blog - we'll do this journey together!