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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Results for Week 16

Last week I sent around a neatly tied scroll inviting my children and hubby to our end of the year school party....complete with an rsvp number for my cell phone.  It completely freaked them out.  I had to answer about 5000 questions...What kind of party?  A what? What does rsvp mean?  Mom this is your phone number on the rsvp, right?  It was funny.  Once in a while it's fun to drive your children crazy.  Really I think it's only fair.

For our celebration of the end of school we grilled, ate, and played a game that had us all in stitches.  We played the family version of the newlywed game.  Four teams of us guessing how our partners would answer questions about favorite things etc.  It really turned out to be way more fun than I imagined; I love it when that happens.  I love having a big family, and a special night like last night is magic.

Below is my week 16 in review.  The weight loss was not stellar by any means.  I have a plan for that.  I am excited about June.  Within a day or two I plan to blog about my summer kickoff to work off my next 40 pounds.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 5/24/11 through 5/30/11

Morning Blood Pressure for 5/24/11 through 5/30/11

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 5/25/11 through 5/31/11
So minus 1 pound. My total loss so far is minus 42 pounds. I am really okay with that.  I felt like I had a very healthy eating week, and I hope that means this next week will be more!  If every week starts getting this slow, I will not be okay with that.

Exercise for 5/24/11 through 5/30/11
4 miles/ 50.42 min. outside walking interval and lower body workout
3 miles/ 40 min. elliptical and upper body workout
none...worked on VBS decorating at church
4 miles/ 46.17 min. outside walking interval and lower body workout
Rest day.
3.2 miles/ 39.24 min. outside walking interval..HOT outside!


Vickie said...

very interesting data you keep! I think one has to examine the data to figure out what is working and what is not working. So I always appreciate it when I see someone else who has a scientific eye also.

(newly wed game is a great idea)

Vickie said...

I paid attention to ratios of carbs, healthy fats, protein. Does tracking your blood sugar do the same thing for you?

BrendaKaye said...

When I had my last child almost 7 years ago I had gestational diabetes and post eclampsia (which kept me in icu and the hospital for almost a month after the birth), and they warned me that I could develop type 2 diabetes within 20 years and could also have permanent blood pressure issues (I had always had low blood pressure before).

Sure enough in 2010 my sugar was getting higher and higher, and so was my blood pressure. Eating correctly solved this within a few days when I started in February. It amazed me really; I thought it would take longer. I still watch it closely because like you said, certain things raise my sugar immediately. I know that obviously if I go to Sweet Cici's and eat frozen yogurt it will be higher, but seeing what combination of healthy foods affects it is also such a learning process. I am still so new at trying to figure all this out for this 46 year old body that doesn't work correctly anymore!

Vickie said...

not sure if you thought my post was written by Diane. If you click on the first sentence of my post, it will take you to Diane's post. the rest of the post is mine/Vickie's.

interesting about the blood sugar. and we sound very similar - headed toward diabetes, can controll/avoid/keep ourselves healthy with food choices.

FYI - to tuck away in case you need information - every trainer I have ever worked with, who really knew their stuff, suggested, in a true stall/plateau, to calculate the ratio of carbs, healthy fat, protein within calories.

you will find links, more information on my side bar on this topic.

Not saying one has to calculate at that level forever, but it is an eye opener for most people to track for a couple weeks, if you find yourself stuck and don't know why.

cardio is the other answer they give. I absolutely think walking is good cardio. I think that power/push walking can be more cardio than running. the old saying about not being able to carry on a conversation nor sing a song. my free weights instructor says the same thing about workouts in her class - if we can manage to talk - not really working.

and weight resistance (lifting own body weight in yoga, free weights, machines, how ever we do it) is important to fire up those big muscles.

I find these and other similarities between us as I read your posts.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Sounds like you are ready for summer. I love that you track what you eat so carefully. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

BrendaKaye said...

Diane I just started tracking my food in May when I started using a lesson plan book for my journal. This is my fifth week to track my food. I have such a short memory these days, that I have to write it down or I forget it! :)