Everything's Bouquet

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I dream of the day I step on my elliptical and I scroll the weight number down (from 150) instead of up.
I hope for the day I step on the dreaded scale and my weight does not need to go any lower.
I long for the day my BMI is in the normal range.
I cannot wait for the day I pull the boxes stored very high in my closet down and pull out the smaller clothes.
I imagine myself visiting the ocean with my toes in the hot sand and no large shirt over my swimsuit.
I look forward to working out in cute workout wear instead of moo moo shirts.
I really want to put a picture of myself on facebook.  Really people are starting to ask.
I plan on reappearing in family photographs.  Proof our family does have a mother.
I imagine a day in my future when I rock grandbabies and chase grandtoddlers with lots of energy.
I hope for a day where I talk about something other than weight loss and give my sweet husband a break!
I secretly wish I could borrow my girls clothes and plan to make that happen. :)
I wonder what it would be like to fit into my wedding dress from 1988.  Can I make that happen?
I remember the feeling of walking tall and fit with confidence, gratefulness and hope.
I dream of total surrender to God where this battle is no longer a battle but a Victory in History.