Everything's Bouquet

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Easter

Last week was spring break and I finally finished de-snowmanifying the house, organized some areas, and released the spring decor.  With the sunshine and gorgeous weather we are having, it is nice having a little spring on the inside.  I wish I could do some inside flowers; tulips are my favorite this time of year, but Lila the bad kitty eats anything green we display in the house and later throws it back up....so no fresh flowers sadly.
                Lila the bad kitty; we love you even if you do eat our plants.

Below is my pantry.  This will probably stay organized for a skinny minute since I have lots of helpers getting things in and out of here.  I have to throw in a couple cupboards too....exciting blogging going on here!  But you know they do say when you start getting your weight issues under control it spills over into getting other areas under control.
Please do not judge me on my contents.  There are a lot of people eating here that would plot a mutiny if I strictly enforced my new clean eating on everyone.  Baby steps!

My snowman dishes are gone from the cupboard and shelves until next winter.  It is always refreshing to get out the lighter weight dishes.

Now it was time to eat on those plates.  We had salmon salad and carrots.

I had a great walk/ little jog today outside.  I started out slow and figured it was going to be a tough day for exercise.  Something happened, maybe the gorgeous weather inspired me or those endorphins kicked in, but I ended up doing 4 miles in 53.12 minutes.  I did not start my strength training yet....maybe tomorrow.