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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 8 Results

Yesterday was so hectic, I just had no time to report my results.  In fact an interesting thing happened.  I had so many errands to run,  people to transport, and things to attend like track meets that I just did not have time to eat.  I really believed that.  That is an amazing transformation.  What really happened was I did not have time to get back home and eat a nice clean meal.  I did not even think about picking up some fast food.  Just last December, during the Christmas shopping rush, I used every errand running opportunity to drive through Chick-fil-A.  In fact, I planned errands around lunch, looking forward to that chicken sandwich, waffle fries dipped in honey mustard sauce, and sweet tea.   Hopefully I am forming new habits, because I did not even consider stopping by for even a grilled chicken salad.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 3/22/11 through 3/28/11


Morning Blood Pressure for 3/22/11 through 3/28/11

107/72  Less sleep???

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 3/23/11 through 3/29/11

So minus 2 1/2 pounds this week.  That brings my total to minus 27 1/2 pounds since January 1, 2011.  Friday will be April first, so I will post a total loss for the month of March on Friday.  I would love to lose another pound or two by then, but I never know what that unpredictable scale is going to do.

Exercise for 3/22/11 through 3/28/11

elliptical 60 minutes 4.3 miles  
walked outside for 53 minutes and 12 seconds  4 miles
elliptical 34 minutes 2.1 miles
elliptical 34 minutes 2.4 miles
elliptical 46 minutes 3.3 miles
Sunday nap and rest day! Love it and look forward to it!
elliptical 46 minutes 3.2 miles  lower body exercises/weights
It has gotten cold like winter again, and I am looking forward to nicer weather to walk outside some again.
I am sore from adding the weight training on Monday.  I plan to be more diligent about the weight/exercise training in April.

It is a busy but good week.  I hope to blog again by the end of the week with goals for April.  I leave you with a sweet picture of my youngest and Lila the guard kitty.  The fun cousins have gone home, and all is right with the world with the two bunking back in the bed together again!