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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 6 Results and Giveaway Winner

First up is the winner of one of my favorite books.  I enlisted the help of my handsome assistants.  There were only two names to put in the hat.
My assistants are dressed in the spirit of spring break even though the high was a chilly 49 today.  
Lisa you won!!!! Please contact me in the comments with your email.  I will email you to get your mailing address.  You are going to love this book; it is changing my life!

A little explanation on why this is week six results and my total weight loss goes back to January 1, 2011.  There are obviously more weeks than six since January first.  In January I weighed in for my weight at the beginning of 2011.  I did not really start any real eating plan due to traveling twice that month, but I did lose 2 pounds.  So two of my total pounds lost were in January.  February 1, 2011 I did the Clean Program and I started counting my weeks that week.  It really doesn't matter I guess, except the longest I usually manage to stay consistent on any weight loss plan is around 12 weeks and I like seeing the number of weeks grow hoping I will eventually pass that marker.   This week I am trying something new, and will explain a little about it after my results.  I couldn't keep out of the dates a few times this week and it showed on my fasting blood sugar numbers.  Interestingly, when my fasting blood sugar goes up my blood pressure does also.  Salt does not seem to affect it, but sugar really does!


Fasting Blood Sugar

3-8     95       I gotta stay out of the dates!
3-9     92       Same problem.
3-10   82       You guessed it....NO dates.
3-11   94      I do not really know what happened here.
3-12   76      
3-13   92
3-14   97     Really not liking this one.

Morning Blood Pressure

3-8     92/52
3-9     86/59
3-10   104/63
3-11   93/63
3-12   90/51
3-13   101/63
3-14   91/69
These numbers don't show it quite as much, but I felt like my overall blood pressure later in the day was running slightly higher.  Not bad yet, but now really low.  I think it is related to my higher sugars.

Dreaded Scale Numbers

3-9     -0
3-10   -0
3-11   - 0.5
3-12   -0.5
3-13   +0.5   I was not a happy camper this morning.
3-14   -0
3-15  -1.5   Finally!  The Lord knew I needed the encouragement.  
So a total loss of -2 for week six.  That brings my total weight loss since January 1, 2011 to -23. I actually have exactly 10 pounds more to lose until my bmi says overweight instead of obese.  When I get there, I may be brave enough to post my weight on the internet. :)

Minutes of Exercise

3-8     50 minutes of walking with a friend at the church track.
3-9     41 minutes/ 2.7 miles on my elliptical.
3-10   46 minutes/ 2.9 miles on my elliptical.
3-11   46 minutes/2 miles on my elliptical.  
3-12   55 minute walk/ 3.34 miles outside with my sweetie.
3-13   Rested.  Took a record long Sunday afternoon nap!
3-14   34 minutes/ 2.2 miles on my elliptical

I am also keeping track of my heart rate (average and highest), and my calories burned.  I know my mileage is pitiful for my time, but hopefully as I continue to get in better shape it will improve.  I am very happy with six workouts for this week!

Since my sugars are a little higher and I have been feeling a little snacky, Mr. Smoothie and I decided today to do a few days of the strict Clean program eating.  Today we had a berry smoothie for breakfast, broiled salmon, asparagus, and a green avocado and carrot salad for lunch, and a green juice below for dinner.  

The new thing I am adding this week is called Zija.  It is a drink made from the moringa plant.  If you google it you find lots of information on how nutrient dense this plant is, and how they are using it to feed starving children.  A friend of mine is selling it, and so I bought one weeks worth to see if it makes me feel better.  I will let you know what I think after my one week trial.

If any of you have any experience with this product I would love to hear what you think. 


Anonymous said...

YEAH! So excited to win the book! I am looking forward to reading it - Thanks so much! Lisa

Callie said...

Aww man! Leave it to me to be the one out of two not picked :( Oh well, at least you had a great loss this week!

BrendaKaye said...

I am so sorry Callie! I tried to be very fair and let my son pull the name out of the hat. Your last blog inspired me to check out a Tosca Reno book at the library today. I got the "Your Best Body Now" book. I can't wait to read it.

Dani said...

You look great! I definitely think you can see a difference!