Everything's Bouquet

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lila Guard Kitty

It was so sweet I had to post it.  Every night Lila sleeps with my little man.  In fact I wrote about it here. My little man gladly gave up his bed the last three nights so his visiting cousin could sleep in it.  In fact, he insisted on having a practice night the day before his cousin came, so he slept on the floor four nights.  (Some battles with six year olds are just not worth arguing about!) Anyway I thought it was the sweetest thing that Lila joined him on the floor each evening.  She didn't stay on her usual spot on the bed, but snuggled right next to the little guy.  Oh a boy and his cat, huh?  (Please excuse the toy boxes everywhere....the cousins had a big time playing!)
Lunch today was Costco's yummy frozen salmon burgers grilled with grilled asparagus and carrot sticks.  My hubby also had a bowl of avocado salad.  I had mine minus the whole wheat bun.  I am doing pretty well not eating most things.  I made pancakes, muffins, and bought other goodies for the boys and their two visiting cousins.  None of it was too tempting.  Although I did let myself eat a leftover grilled hamburger patty yesterday.  I had not had beef since at least January.  I ate the beef patty for lunch, and I was really sick all evening.  I tried not to be very far from the bathroom if you know what I mean.  Having eaten beef all my life, I had no idea it would do that to me.  I do not think I will try eating beef for a while. Anyway, I made it through all the regular temptations of cookies and junk, but my hubby's sister dropped this off along with the boys on Tuesday.
Lately I have been doing well when it comes to enticing food, but I knew this gigantic bakery loaf of deliciousness was just out of my temptation conquering league. I have a weakness for cinnamon bread covered in white sugary sweetness.  I stared at this, sniffed it, and admired its shininess through that cellophane. By Wednesday morning I knew I had met my temptation match, so thinking quickly I sent it off with my girlie to the high school office.  I knew that yummy baby wouldn't survive the day in the teachers' lounge.  I felt good about the regift, and even better that I didn't have to hear that bread calling my name one more second.