Everything's Bouquet

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 7 Results

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal with berries.  I was a little skeptical about oatmeal sans melted brown sugar, but the berries were very sweet and made it delicious.  This has been a good week.  I was a little discouraged with the scale.  I really increased my exercise, and decreased my food intake on a few days, and still the scale did not want to move enough for my liking.  I am still eating very clean though, so I am going to trust the process and hope the scale will move a little quicker again one of these weeks.
One other strange thing is happening; the more weight I lose, the fatter I get.  I guess that means that I am finally starting to face reality.  Yes, my clothes are looser, and I am fitting into some things I have not worn in a long time, but wearing shirts that do not drape on me and are not covered up with a sweater or jacket shows me I have a long way to go.  I am actually not discouraged by this, but excited to see the fat rolls roll  off.  There is hope in knowing the shirt I have on today will look even better in a month or two.  Finally all the clothes staring at me in the closet are inspiring instead of incriminating.


Fasting Blood Sugar

3-15     93
3-16     94
3-17     96
3-18     80
3-19     91
3-20     81
3-21     94
I am really not happy with my blood sugar numbers this week.  I tried a lower carb clean eating day yesterday for an experiment, and my blood sugar was 82 this morning.  I would like to see the 80s more consistently.  I am hoping that when I get to a normal weight in a few months I will be less insulin resistant.

Morning Blood Pressure

3-15     102/67
3-16     97/58
3-17     98/64
3-18     78/51
3-19     89/56
3-20     90/58
3-21     109/66

Dreaded Scale Numbers

3-16     -1
3-17     -1.5
3-18     -0
3-19     +0.5
3-20     +0.5
3-21     -0
3-22     -0.5
So I ended the week with -2 pounds.  I started out losing, and I guess I was hoping that trend was going to continue all week to end in a little bigger number than 2.  That makes -25 since January1,2011.  23 of those pounds are from the last 7 weeks.


3-15     elliptical 41 min. 2.7 miles
3-16     outside walking/ a little jogging for 43:43 min. 3.2 miles
3-17     walked/ a little jogging outside for 32:40 min 2.4 miles
3-18     just house cleaning...does that count?  :)
3-19     elliptical 46 min. 3.2 miles
3-20     rested
3-21     elliptical 46 min. 3.3 miles
Right now I am reading the book below.  Tosca Reno is an advocate of clean eating, aerobic exercise, and weight lifting.  This week I hope to start adding in weight lifting/strength training.  I need to try to sculpt a lot of this flabbiness as my weight decreases.  I am enjoying her book.

My personal review on Zija.

I will not be buying any more Zija.  It is supposed to be made from the moringa plant and be very nutritious.  I did not notice any improvements from drinking the powder every morning or the tea every other evening.  I did not like the xm3 capsules at all.  They have several ingredients including caffeine.  I really reacted negatively to the capsule.  It made me feel jittery and made my heart rate higher.  In fact, I woke up after a very restless night with a resting heart rate of 95.  That scared me.  You are supposed to take one capsule a day, and I only tried them two days.  I will not be taking the other five capsules.  I researched caffeine, and for me it is not a healthy option. Since I have been caffeine free since at least February 1, 2011 I probably was very sensitive to the caffeine.  I do not like a line of products promoting good health that includes a capsule with caffeine.  I am going to stick to my clean eating plan and skip the Zija.