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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 5 Results

Brunch today was an omelette with mushrooms, onion, spinach, cheddar cheese, and topped with salsa.  After the cleanse I was missing my eggs and cheese.  I do not plan to have them often, but they were nice and warm on this cold rainy day.
I am off of the strict cleanse, but still eating very clean.  Mr. Smoothie finishes his three week cleanse today, and he has lost 20 pounds as of this morning.  I am still numbering my result weeks in order because I have a long ways to go until I meet my final goal of a healthy BMI level.  I am happy with this weeks results.  This coming week I plan to write down my exercise every day to add to my result tally.

Fasting Blood Sugar

3-1     83
3-2     73
3-3     88
3-4     88
3-5     86
3-6     85
3-7     96    Sadness.  Apparently I can't handle the dates.  More information to follow below.

Morning Blood Pressure

3-1     96/55
3-2     99/63
3-3     92/58
3-4     97/63
3-5     90/54
3-6     97/57
3-7     99/58

Dreaded Scale Numbers

3-2     -0
3-3     -0
3-4     -0   This is getting old!
3-5     -0.5   Three days for half a pound!
3-6     -0.5  
3-7     -1    Happiness a whole pound today!
3-8     -1    Smiling at the dreaded scale.
So the weight seemed to come of slower, but I did end the week with a minus 3 total.  That brings my total loss since January 1, 2011 to minus 21 pounds.

There they are; those yummy, sweet and delicious dates Mr. Smoothie brought home from Costco.  Yes, a Costco size bag to boot.  My grandpa  came over to America on a boat from Greece when he was a teenager.  Every Christmas of my childhood my four aunts made platters of powdered sugar dusted dates, and dates filled with sweet fillings and topped with nuts.  I love dates.  I did not fill them or roll them in anything, and parceled out a reasonable serving and a half ( 10 smallish dates), but alas my morning blood sugar number was really affected in a negative way by those overly sweet treats.  I hate that.  Oh how I hate that.  I even gave it a two day trial.  Today I let myself have just two and combined them with some protein in some almonds.  I will see what happens to the blood sugar level tomorrow.  Tweaking and trying, and hoping when I get to a normal weight my body might handle sugar better.

It was a good week.  I am so ready for some sunshine and warm weather!  I will not complain when it is 102 in July!


Callie said...

You are doing great! 3 lbs is awesome! AND 21 lb total for this year?! You are on a roll!

BrendaKaye said...

Thank you Callie! I am enjoying reading your blog.