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Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway and Discouraged

My Giveaway ends Tuesday evening so PLEASE leave a comment here or at the bottom of this post, and your name will be entered in the running.  This book is one of the best motivational books I have ever read, and I really look forward to giving one away.  Please comment!

It is par for the course: discouragement.  How do you handle it?  I could use some tips.  This week I have worked harder than ever.  I increased my exercise and ate really well.  I did have dates twice and it shows on my blood sugar readings, but no desserts since February 1, 2011.  For me that is a miracle in itself.  The scale is laughing at me.  It just doesn't want to budge, and I have deadlines.  Deadlines in my head...you know...Easter, summertime,  vacation Bible school, Fourth of July, my August birthday.  Most of all, it is just so discouraging to work so hard, concentrate so keenly, plan so meticulously, stand on that stupid elliptical so long, and feel like my body is not responding.  I guess it is not responding quickly enough is more true.  I am in this for the long haul (I pray and hope), but discouragement still happens.  When the scale doesn't move I think of all the things I didn't eat.  I begin to concentrate on all the things I "gave up" instead of all the things I am getting.  Whether or not my dreaded scale moves I am getting smaller,seeing lower fasting blood sugar levels, lower morning blood pressure numbers, smoother skin, and looser clothes.   I also keep thinking about the request for prayer on the nursery sheet yesterday; real problems like children with cancer, people without jobs, sick adults, people needing organ transplants.  The list was long, serious, and overwhelming.  Those are real problems many people are facing this Monday morning, and I need to pray for them, throw on my tennis shoes, hop on my elliptical, and be thankful I can eat right and exercise no matter how loudly that scale is laughing at me.  Okay, pep talk to myself done.  Do I feel better?  It is still raining outside and I still feel discouraged, but my head knowledge tells me "When you know better you do better"( Maya Angelou).  So I will try to work on my patience and choose the right things today.  Hopefully the scale will move eventually!

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Callie said...

Hey I would love to be entered in the drawing!!

Something that might help is to remember to eat back some of the calories you are working off...it seems counterproductive, but it can actually stunt your weight loss if you don't. I've read that many times by people who have done studies on the issue. You think you should only be eating 1200 calories and exercising multiple times a week, but I am eating 1400-1800 exercising 3x week, and I'm still losing.
Don't let the scale discourage you, you are obviously doing great if your clothes are fitting loser. Other people don't know how much the scale says, but they can see when clothes start getting too big :)