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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Success and Week 4 Cleanse Results

                         Lunch.  Oh welcome back salmon; I missed you.

S-U-C-C-E-S-S   that's the way you smell success accompanied by happy jig and followed up by OOH AHH, OOH AHH.   I know, pride cometh before a fall, and if you read my last post the last thing I want is a fall.  I am really not proud as much as I am relieved and happy that my friends fish and chicken are back in my life.  I am also glad to have the perfect cleanse pressure off my brain; after 28 days I was dreaming about it.  I really like the cleanse and eating clean.  I did not like my Vegan trial.  I did not notice any big changes in my body from just the meat loss.  Not eating meat once a day was not hard, but I did not like excluding it for an entire week.  I like the idea of having several Vegan or Vegetarian days a week, but I need my fish and chicken a few times a week.

So many good things happened on this cleanse.  Mr. Smoothie just began his third week, so I will be eating and juicing and smoothieing another week (at least) with him.  Something amazing and shocking happened my last night that confirmed in my heart that this clean eating is the best way to go.  I will share it last after my numbers.


Fasting Blood Sugar

2-22-11       86
2-23-11       78     I would like to see 80 or below consistently eventually.
2-24-11       88
2-25-11       82
2-26-11       79
2-27-11       80
2-28-11       91    I did not like this one.

Morning Blood Pressure

2-22-11       93/57
2-23-11      102/59
2-24-11       85/58
2-25-11       83/55
2-26-11       97/54
2-27-11       88/52
2-28-11       93/48

Dreaded Scale Numbers

2-23-11      -2    Finally a loss of more that half a pound.
2-24-11      -0    Of course.
2-25-11      -0.5   Back to half a pound again.
2-26-11      -0
2-27-11      -0
2-28-11      -0.5
3-1-11        -1  
So this last week I lost 4 pounds.  That brings my total loss for the four week cleanse and the month of February to -16 pounds.  Since January 1, 2011 I have lost 18 pounds.  A great start, but I have a long ways to go.

My Shocking News

DELAYED MENOPAUSE.  This may be a little TMI but this is an amazing miracle to me.  Last fall I went for my annual OB check-up.  I had not had a cycle since August.  After my blood work the nurse called me very matter of factly and announced I would be done with menopause by August 2011.  This is code for no more cycles since you are officially done with menopause after one year of no cycles.  I could not believe it.  I was newly 46 and was not expecting menopause for another 5 or more years.  I actually had a little period of mourning for my youth.  I finally resigned myself; let the wrinkling begin.  They were right.  August through most of February brought no more gifts of womanhood with cramping, bloating, swelling, headaches, and running to bathrooms every two hours.  Then after four weeks of eating completely healthy February 28th brought me a gift; yes, the womanly cycle of youth.  I never really thought of it that way before, but I was so surprised.
Now I am not doctor and I do not really know what all of this means.  I may give the doctor a call to find out.  According to the definition of menopause though, this pushes my membership into the club at least another six months out from the doctors prediction.  I am guessing and hoping that eating correctly is balancing my hormones.

I have March goals.  They are pretty simple.  I want to eat clean, exercise at least 4 times a week, keep up with my daily Bible reading, and lose at least 8 pounds.  Eventually I will make more specific exercise goals, but this month I want to continue to focus on healthy eating.  I also do not want to do anything too strenuous while I still have so much weight on my joints.

I leave you with my two middle daughter's awards ceremony pictures from last night.  Part of the reason why my post did not get posted last night.  The other reason being  that my sweet hubby tells me that if I push the on button on my computer too many times in a row, it will have a meltdown and refuse to restart for quite a while.  After last night I can testify that he is correct.
                                                  Upper school awards evening.

                                                    My junior signs in.
                                                        Group shot.
My Junior newly inducted National Honor Society girlie with her sister the last year inducted Sophomore Beta Club girlie.  Yes, the Sophomore is taller than the Junior and they are both taller than me.  Lucky for them they got their six foot three dad's genes.  I am one blessed mom!