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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All in the Family & Detox Day 10

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My Favorite People  

I love these beautiful people.  They are my favorite in all the world.  I cannot even add up the hours of morning sickness, labor, diaper changes, or amount of Easter, Halloween, and birthday candy I have stolen borrowed from each of them.  I belive in the Mom tax and I have hips to prove it.  I would not want to be with anyone else more than these fun, unpredictable, and crazy people (and that is a good thing considering the amount of hours I do spend with them), except maybe the handsome guy below...the guy who helped me make all my favorite people possible.

This handsome man, a couple of beach chairs, and the ocean to go with them and I could sacrifice a few days away from those other favorite people.  Seriously, I love this wonderul man; the best father I have ever known,  makes me laugh, turns my dreams into reality, and never no never mentions my ever changing size.  I love you Mr. Handsome Dreammaker.....FOREVER.  Ah and he is the only follower of my blog....my cheerleader.                                                                                                                                                      My favorite people are all on this journey with me.  I am soooo blessed!  Why wouldn't I get my act together and be the best I can be for them!  I hope to be around a long time to walk down those wedding aisles, change those grandbaby diapers, and argue about my past parenting skills.                                                           Day 10 of my Cleanse.  Wow, I am almost half way done in my 21 day program.  10 pounds gone.  Yea!  Except for being tired, I feel great.  So far I have followed the food part completely.  Yesterday I hit the eliptical for 66 minutes while I watched American Idol.  This morning I was on it for 46 minutes.  With all that exercise I am not having any problems getting in my water.  Oh and the vitamen regime...that requires a lot of water intake alone!  I am starting to think abut life after the cleanse...decisions to make!