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Friday, January 15, 2010

Weight Dates & Detox Cleanse Day 12

I remember lots of details about all those important life events.  Most importantly I almost always remember what weight and size I was during those events.  It does help having seven children.  I can remember how long it took to lose the weight after each birth, and what new game  diet I did to accomplish it.  Five and a half years ago I had my last baby boy the day before I turned 40. Before the delivery, my mom had appeared like an ominous disney character announcing that her mother NEVER lost her baby weight after her last delivery at 40.  Her mother was  a very squeezable Grandma for sure.  I told her I knew what to do; little did I know what life was like after 40.  40 + losing weight = disaster.  Something snapped in my forties, and I just could not get my act together; at least not for more than three months at a time.  I probably lost and gained the same 20 pounds at least 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years.

Back to the dates.  I could list all my ages and events and the weights to go with them.  Always in the back of my mind is the WEDDING WEIGHT.  Oh the wedding weight.  It is actually what I weighed for most of my twenties, but I call it the wedding weight.  You know....I'd like to lose this or that amount, and maybe even get to my WW.  Or after that baby I was within ten pounds of the WW  before I got pregnant with the next baby.  Well, no shocker, I am far far away from the WW right now.  Even now I hope that I will not only get into a safe BMI zone, but that I may continue all the way down to the wonderful WW.  My delusional dream even includes trying on the old wedding dress again for fun.  The one my hip bones stuck out of.  The lovely 1980's dress below that is presently boxed in my closet.


Back in the day when I was at the WW level I weighed between 115 lbs. to 120 lbs.  Unlike some of my friends whose weight never moved, I always fluctuated 5 pounds.  Maybe that was a sign back then that I was going to be writing a diet blog someday.  At five foot four and one half inches that was a nice healthy weight for my frame.  Since I have shrunk an inch I know that would be an ideal size for me now.  So, it is still my ideal goal, but I'll be happy to be within twenty pounds of the magical WW for a reality check.

Anybody else have an ideal weight they like or remember?  Is it a realistic one?  And one more question; to blog a weekly weigh in or a monthly one?  Anybody have an opinion on that?  I have seen both, and I am trying to decide on a sidebar update with weekly or monthly.  I am leaning toward monthly, but am afraid that I will get too lazy and decide to take a week off if I don't have to post weekly.  Still thinking about this one!

Day 12 of my detox cleanse and I am feeling great.  Today I was a little tired of the same food ( drink for breakfast and dinner, and clean food for lunch).  I was really missing eggs and dairy/cheese.  I am over half-way though.  I am still at an eleven pound loss.  I did this same cleanse back in September and lost 15 pounds, so I am guessing that is what I will lose this time.  I did 46 minutes on the eliptical yesterday and today.  I know I really need to add weights and exercises.  Maybe next week or when the cleanse is over.   I really do like this cleanse program.  I am thinking maybe three a year spaced around 4 months apart might be a good habit for me.  So today was successful; I followed all my goals including water intake.  Two more days and I enter the final week three!  Yea!


Holly L. said...

I am so impressed with your detox progress! I guess weight goals and weigh in schedules really depend on personal preference. I have struggled a lot with finding the weight goal that really feels right to me because I was never at a reasonable weight (well unless middle/elementary school count?) I love the 1980's wedding dress in your picture! Thank you for sharing.

BrendaKaye said...

Holly I love your blog. You have done an amazing job losing all that weight. I hope to follow your example. Thanks for commenting!