Everything's Bouquet

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Hopes and Dreams

"This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalms 118:24  This is the verse I have posted in my kitchen eating area.  I put it there thinking my family and I would see it each morning as our day was beginning.  I guess I usually think of this verse as a morning verse, but tonight I am praising God and rejoicing in the day He made today behind me.  A day of success, love and happiness.  A good day.  I started the day, MONDAY, JANUARY THE FOURTH, a day I had been looking forward to and dreading the entire partying gluttonous month of December, with an extremely wide range of emotions.  Couldn't have been any wider....ready to start the new journey...not ready...hopeful...who am I kidding discouraged.  Maybe this wide range of emotions is really just the definition of a 45 year old female.  I decided to erase the emotions and make the right choice.  It is all about choices.  I drank my lemon water and did my 34 minutes on my elliptical.  Followed it with my cleanse smoothie, cleanse lunch, family Christmas time at my in-laws, swimsuit shopping with my girlies, and a cleanse smoothie for dinner.  I did it.  One day of healthy eating and living. The human body is so forgiving...I feel better already.  Some of my water retention is already gone.

There is a small voice in my head already saying that one day isn't gonna cut it.  It is gonna take a lot of days...like forever if I think all the way to goal and life maintenance.  But I am determined to not let that voice rain on my parade today.  I am thanking and praising God for my good day He made.  He is faithful.

I can't think too far.  August 6 is my date with my LITTLE ROSE JACKET.  Hopefully I will need to tweek, change, and challenge my getting healthy routine lots between now and then.  So for now I will just set goals for January.  Monthly goals might be a good idea.
Blog my progress at least 5 times per week
Study my Bible at least 5 times per week
Eat the cleanse food plan in the Clean book by Alejandro Junger, M.D. for 21 days starting today.
Exercise 4 times or more per week.
Drink 64 oz or more of water each day.
Weekly blog update on pounds lost.  Monthly total at the end of each month.

It is rewarding to make the right choices.  Thank you God for helping me and for giving me today!

Monday recap:  Followed cleanse program to a tee, 34 minutes of eliptical, 72 plus oz of water.