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Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Go Grandma!!!

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This is  my mom.  I am so proud of her.  She was curious about my book Clean by Alejandro Junger, so she asked for a copy for Christmas.  So along with the book, she unwrapped a juicer and a blender from underneath our Christmas Tree.  She went back to the frozen north excited and ready.  Well, I called her last Saturday to brag update her on my Clean detox progress.  She surprised me by informing me she was on day 11 of the program and had lost 9 pounds.  Surprise, surprise!  I am so proud of her for trying something so different and new.  She is 69, and had never juiced or made smoothies before in her life.  Now, as she says, she and her juicer are best friends.  She is really enjoying it, and learning methods of eating that she is going to continue after day 21.  So I guess I can't quit early now, or Grandma will show me up!

The week is flying.  Monday was my last post, which makes me realize I will not be able to post 5 times a week.  That was my original goal, but I want this blog/journal to be a help not a burden!  Also I don't know why this post is centering everything to the middle.  I have lots to learn in blogging world.  Anyway, I am surviving today ....DAY 18 of the Clean detox program.  3 oh 3 days left to go.  I feel good and have lost 14 pounds so far.  The only main side affect is I am so very tired.  That may be my issue though since I went to bed late last night.  I am missing my sauces, eggs, and cheese.  Anybody else tried any detox programs they like?