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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Detox: A Love Hate Relationship

DAY 2 of the January Detox Cleanse and it is going really well overall.

What I love about my January Detox:

1.  Already my skin looks better and my eyes look whiter.
2.  I lost 3 1/2 pounds after the first day.  I know that is water weight; that is how bloated I was.
3.  I slept sooo much better last night.
4.  It feels so good to stick to a plan.  It feels great to know that I accomplished the daily goal, and it feels good
     knowing that I am doing something healthy for my body.
5.  I enjoy making the smoothies, juicing, and exploring new foods.
6.  Exercise makes me so happy when I am done.  I really don't understand why I usually dread it.

What I hate about my January Detox.

1.  It is abnormally cold.  We are supposed to get snow tomorrow night, and I live in the land of rare snow.
     My outside dog is sleeping inside around the clock due to the freezing temperatures.  Smoothie drinking is
     not very comforting or warm.  I was enjoying the smells of the winter comfort food I made my family :
     mashed taters and meatloaf.  My green juice did not seem quite as comforting for January.  So I think I      
     like detoxing better in warmer weather.
2.  Headache, headache, and big gigantic headache.  Today I had a horrible headache.  I do not remember
     that happening when I did the same detox cleanse in September for three weeks.  I think the sugar over-
     load from December made my system more shocked.  I should have done the elimination diet for a week

I guess overall I love my cleanse more than I hate it.  It feels wonderful to have 2 successful days behind me!

Recap of today:
34 minutes on my eliptical
drank over 64 oz of water
ate only according to cleanse plan ( had to share my green juice with my 10 year old son, so I guess it is pretty good!)
keeping up progress on my LRJ blog

Looking forward to day 3!