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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mixing it Up or Not

This weekend I had a ton of fun playing with my blog. It was like an afternoon rearranging my living room furniture without the backache. Well, my bottom did get a little sore. I was obsessed with trying different looks for my blog background and header. A few button pushes and voila a totally new looking blog. My husband pointed out to me more than once that a blog is really about the writing, but I was empowered by my new blogger layouting skills. It was magic, and good for a few laughs since some backgrounds never look anything like what you think they will. If anyone out there stopped by my blog they may have seen some strange combinations. I have to give my daughter Lizzie a lifetime supply of something (anybody know what 16 year olds want a lifetime supply of?) for her indulging me in my blog play. She voted and revoted and voted and revoted on my silly combinations and choices. In the end, my hubby was right and I ended up at square one. Back to the the way it was.

When I was not stuck to my chair designing my blog, I spent some time stuck to the couch reading some of the latest and greatest diet books. I love doing this. This time I started to feel like I was picking and choosing blog backgrounds and headers again. Some of the book's authors agree on some things and are completely opposite on others. Honestly, don't tell my brother but he was right when he said that I read too much. It can get very confusing, and trying to pick and choose and combine is making me a little crazy. I am going to finish the two books I am on this week because my brother is right, but I have a feeling I'll be back to the basics and square one when I get done. Anybody else out there get confused by all the theorys and plans for a healthy diet?

On a happy note: I finished my three week cleanse yesterday. It feels so good to accomplish a goal. I lost 15 1/2 pounds over the three weeks. My goal this week is to eat healthy, exercise, and let that quick loss turn into real weight loss. If I can end the month with that loss it will be a good month. On an observance of the unfairness of the world: my wonderful hubby announced today that he (while not doing the cleanse) also lost 9 pounds over the last three weeks.

What does my picture of Aidan in my beach hat have to do with this blog? Nothing except it makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you!
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Trainer Momma said...

Best book out there right now: ABS Diet for Women by David Zinczenko. It's worth the time on the couch.

BrendaKaye said...

I just checked and my library system has that book. I'll have it transfered to my location today. Thank you! I read Jorge Cruise's book (Costco magazine made me curious) over the weekend, and started Jillian Michaels Metabolism book. They could not be more opposite. I love information though, so I am looking forward to getting this one.