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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of Diet Momma versus Anti-Diet Momma

I was thinking about my life and comparing the months I spend living healthy and the many months I spend being what I call Vacation Momma.  So below is my comparison of my split personality disorder: Diet Momma vs. Vacation Momma.

Scale:  Healthy Momma: It calls me from the bed, and I arise quickly eager to check my progress.  Vacation Momma: What is that?  That is something children under 12 step on to brag about their weight gain.

Exercise:  Healthy Momma: Looking forward to the time alone to meditate, pray, think, dream, and plan.  Love the way my muscles support my body, feeling the air pushing through my lungs, and the endorphins that follow afterward.  Vacation momma:  Exercise?  That would be walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Breakfast:  Healthy Momma:  Healthy protein and fruit followed by my water and vitamins fill me up.  It feels good to eat well after exercising.  Vacation Momma:  After that long walk to the kitchen I need some comfort food.  Maybe a big old bagel, or 25 bowels of cereal.  I am not that thirsty, and who has time for vitamins?!

School:  Healthy Momma:  I bound up the stairs feeling those strong leg muscles working.  I greet my kiddos happily, ready to sing the ABC's and compute division facts.  Vacation Momma:  Due to the carb crash from the 25 bowls of cereal, I cannot hardly climb the dreaded stairs.  I am ready for a morning nap when I hit my desk, and the 25 letters of the alphabet and multiplication facts make me cross-eyed and grouchy.

Lunch:  Healthy Momma:  After a great morning of quality time with my kiddos, I am ready for some lean protein and healthy veggies.  Vacation Momma:  Barely surviving school, I stumble downstairs to reward myself with unhealthy carbs followed by an unhealthy carb laden dessert.

Afternoon:  Healthy Momma:  Feeling strong, I grab some sunshine on a light walk with my kiddos.  I throw in a load of laundry, pick up the kitchen area, and maybe even organize something.  Vacation Momma:  Carb crashing nightmare: Why oh why don't I have more energy?  I wonder why I cannot get anything done as I chillaxe in front of my computer.

Shower:  Healthy Momma:  I love getting cleaned up for my hubby.  I look forward to picking something cute out of my closet to wear.  Vacation Momma:  This is my daily nightmare.  I hate my clothes, and I hate even more the way they look on me.  Trying to hide 40 plus pounds is an impossible and depressing task.

4 O'Clock or Temptation Alley:  Healthy Momma:  This is my munchy time of day, but I munch on carrots while I fix dinner.  Vacation Momma:  Discouraged from my closet, I head to the kitchen rummaging through the pantry for a snack.  My older girls are home from school snacking after they walked miles in fresh air all day, and I join them because that walk from the shower to the kitchen is a long one.  It is time to fix dinner, and I taste and nibble while cooking.

Dinner:  Healthy Momma:  Hungry, I have a reasonable serving of everything while I concentrate on and enjoy my family.  I love my family all around the table together.  Vacation Momma:  Full already,  I tell myself I should still eat with my family.  Oh, I cannot forget that I also feel the need to help my 5 year old finish his too.

Evening:  Healthy Momma:  Ah, a good day.  I grab my hubby and we head out for a light walk escorted by ninjas on bikes.    Vacation Momma:  Exhausted I sit in front of the T.V. with a snack in my hand.  Can someone get that phone please?  I am too tired to move.

Bedtime:  Healthy Momma:  The slight hunger pain reminds me that I met my goals today, and I feel confident, happy, peaceful, and looking forward to tomorrow!  Vacation Momma:  Full, bloated, frustrated, and discouraged I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow.  Why can't I get my act together runs through my mind as I fall asleep.

Upon review it would appear that I know slightly more about Vacation Momma.  I am pleading the fifth.  Seriously, the million dollar question is: Why oh why do I choose lazy Vacation Momma more than Healthy Momma?  Oh there have been streaks of Healthy Momma bringing with them 20 pound losses.  Those are always followed by longer streaks of Vacation Momma  bringing back the 20 pounds plus bonuses. I know better than to be prideful, and really do not have anything to be prideful about, but I am hoping, praying, and blogging that my Healthy Momma is here to stay.  Not that the beach and ocean waves aren't in my future, but Vacation Momma will be packing her tennis shoes!!