Everything's Bouquet

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Camper on Day 3

Yea for day 3.  My headache is gone and I feel really good.  Of course it always helps when the scale is down 2 1/2 pounds in the morning.  That makes for a wonderful 6 pounds in just the first two days.  I know, I know it is just water, but that is still 6 pounds of water that my only 5 foot 3 1/2 inches is carrying.

I hope to eventually get some pictures up, and list my favorite blogs.  It is because of my favorite blogs that I am blogging this year...thank you favorite blogs...you know who you are.

We are awaiting a big snowfall.  Number 3 daughter even has a fellow 14 year old friend spending the night  (on a school night no less) in certain hopes and dreams that the big one is coming.  Snow makes for sooo much mess with 7 children, that I am thankful I don't live in the north.  The north I grew up in, climbed snow mountains (drifts made by snowplows), went on winter weekends full of sledding and tubing, and took Easter pictures next to snow drifts on the back patio.  So I guess maybe I had my quota of snow....too bad for my 7  snow deprived children...they will have to move north someday to make up for it.  Then they can visit their mama in the south to get warm.

Speaking of snow and winter.  I confess for the first time in 21 years of marriage I left my Christmas decorations up past the weekend after New Years.  I just didn't want to part with them.  I thought I really had something going;;  all the pretty lights to enjoy on the cold dark nights without the Christmas pressure.  It was delightful until today.  It hit me today that the decorations gotta go.  So, hopefully after the blizzard hits and I finish the 452 loads of wet snowsuit laundry, I can get the decorations down by this weekend.

Today has been a very good day.  Teaching my 5 year old to read was really fun.  He must be destined to teach because he is now instructing me daily in new ways to play our phonics games.  Come to think of it, my 10 year old Peter was quizzing me on blue whales, with the grand prize being a big kiss.  I only made it to the regular prize of a hug however...better luck next time!

Day 3 recap:

Drank way more than 64 oz of water with lemon.
Ate exactly the cleanse detox plan.  Tried a new recipe for chicken in the book.
Elipticalized for 34 minutes.
Need to get back to my Revelation study tomorrow;  in between handing out snow coats and hot chocolate.

I am off to pick up children, milk, and movies.  I really want to watch a scary movie.  What is that all about?  Is there a connection between scary movies and detoxing? Looking forward to the scale in the morning!  That is something that did not happen during December!