Everything's Bouquet

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy 97th Birthday Memaw!!

My husband's parents brought his sweet Grandma over for a little birthday celebration last night.  The Saint Patrick's Day birthday girl celebrated 97 years young.  She is a southern lady who always enjoyed her white bread (none of that dirty bread she says referring to wheat bread), cornbread, fired okra, and a long list of other no nos like sweet tea and coke.  I think one key to her longevity, besides the obvious inherited great genes, might have been that she ate what she wanted but she never overate.  She worked hard getting her exercise from life instead of treadmills, ate modestly, relied heavily on her faith, and had a wonderful support line of family and friends.  When she headed out last night, walking slowly toward the door with the help of her cane, she gave me a very familiar tight squeeze followed with encouragingly lovely words.  Her birthday , yet she brightened my day.  I am going to stop being so stingy with my squeezes and encouraging words; I want to brighten some days of the people around me.  Watch out people around me...some brightening is coming your way!
My morning Zija drink.  I am trying the Zija program this week.  The drink, made from the Moringa Tree is not bad.  The detox tea I drink every other night is not bad either.  The XM3 capsules are scaring me.  I am really affected by any kind of supplement anyway, so I may be a little more sensitive than some people.  However, I have only taken 2 of these, 1 the first day, and 1 the 3rd day.  The first day within 45 minutes of taking it my face was flushed red, my head felt weird like zinging, my heart was not exactly racing but I felt like I was nervous or full of anxiety.  So I looked at the ingredients and it contains caffeine among other things.  Caffeine is very controversial, and Dr. Junger in his book Clean does not recommend it for several reasons.  After my first bad reaction I did not think I would try another pill, but Thursday I found myself curious about giving it another shot.  I did not react quite as badly (must have been getting used to it already), but it made my heart rate higher.  I also did not sleep as well, and woke up with low blood pressure, but a high heart rate.  That scares me a little, so I don't know if I will try the pill again.  I am taking a day off to think about it.  

Spring break this year equals cleaning up and cleaning out.  I am getting a lot done, so maybe the Zija drink is giving me some energy!  Also, my walking with a tiny bit of jogging included was great the last two days.  The dreaded scale seems to be moving a little better this week too.  Hopefully I will have good numbers to report next Tuesday.