Everything's Bouquet

Friday, April 1, 2011


30, thirty, treinta, trente, trenta, tretti pounds gone....FOREVER (I pray).  Today I made it to the minus 30 pounds mark.  I also added up my loss from the month of March and it totals minus 12 pounds.  I am excited, focusing on the positive, and trying not to be discouraged by the big picture.  The big picture being that I need to do this again plus some.  I still need to lose at least 40 more pounds.  Whew.  I hate to say that out loud.  However, Just three short months ago I needed to lose at least 70 pounds and now that number is significantly lower.  Lord willing, in another three months maybe I will be down to my last ten pounds! I have hope; this can happen!  By my birthday in August I really hope to be close to my goal weight.  This is only going to happen if I keep setting goals and pushing myself to meet them.  So I guess I had better get to goal setting!

1.  Keep up with my daily reading in my chronological Bible, and add this study by Jennifer Rothschild.  I have done two of her Bible studies, and they were wonderful.
A bonus that I would like to read is Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I have heard really good things about this book and I am excited to read it.

2.  Eat Low Carb Clean.  I know, low carb and clean do not seem like they should co-exist.  I am already eating lean proteins like chicken and fish, and I am not eating refined sugar.  I am finding my blood sugar levels are better if I do not add much fruit or whole grains.  Even a dinner apple can put my fasting blood sugar in the 90s.  I will try to stick to  berries with maybe an occasional apple, and try to avoid those yummy dates calling my name.

3.  Exercise at least 5 days a week.  I will try to do at least 5 days of cardio at 30 minutes or more, and I am adding  strength training 4 times a week.  Two days of upper body, and two days of lower body.

4.  Journal  my numbers and exercise daily, and blog at least twice a week.  I will be out of town two mornings this month, and I will not have a scale those two mornings.

5.  Lose 13 pounds.  This is a shorter month; I am traveling one weekend, and hostessing an Easter dinner.  13 may be a stretch, but I will try my best!

I could add in things I need to straighten, and other projects I dream of getting to, but this is a short and busy month.  I am going to see my oldest baby girl at college next weekend for some mama daughter time, returning home to host my parents coming to see two of my daughters in their high school play, attending track meets of two daughters, watching two of my boys play baseball, supporting my hubby while he carries banners in the Prodigal, and hostessing an Easter dinner.  I know I forgot something; such is the business of spring.  Those other projects may have to wait until summer!  I also find when I am working so hard to get fit and lose weight it takes a lot of time, and some of those other projects have to wait.  Please pray that I can keep up the momentum to reach these goals and end April in victory!!!