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Thursday, April 7, 2011

BMI Milestone

Yesterday, April 6th I reached my first big BMI milestone.  I made it out of obesity and into overweight.  I have been watching those numbers go down though, and it was nice to leave the 30 zone.  Now just five more numbers (29 down through 25), 29 more pounds, and I will be in the regular zone.
My clothes are fitting better, but I think I am losing my mind.  Sometimes I see myself and I think I am starting to get there; it doesn't matter what part: double chin, arms, tire around the middle, upper legs, lower legs, rolls down the back, puffyless wrists, or even those wedding rings that do not come off yet.  I check all these parts and more regularly.  And I wonder why I can't get anything done.  Just when I think I see some changes, I get another glimpse and think I don't look any different.  33 pounds gone....how can I not look way different?  I tell you my mind must be going.  I can't trust it.  I can trust the scale and my clothes. They are both going down.  Hopefully after another 29 pounds, and life in the regular BMI category, I will see an even greater change.  I will say getting back to old and lower weights is like seeing old friends again.  Hello blank weight; I remember you and when we did this and that together.  I remember what we wore, who we saw, and what we did.  The new lower numbers have me pulling out older clothes, fitting nicely into some, and encouragingly closer into others.
Tomorrow I will go to visit this sweet girlie at her collage.  I cannot tell you how proud of her I am.  She just earned an RA position to add to all her other Freshman accomplishments (honor roll, secretary of student government, Chi Omega girl, just elected to a student government senate seat, mission trip volunteer over her spring break, reader of books to children etc).  I know I sound like one proud mama, but she reads my blog and I want to give a big shout out to her: I love you and I am so thankful for you!! You are such a delight and joy just being you; all the other great things you do are just added bonuses.
She is on the right in the red dress.  I cannot wait to hang out with her.  Pray for my husband.  He'll be left behind with six children and various schedules.  Things like two baseball games, one Bible Drill competition, two play practices, two working children with schedules, one act exam, one track meet, one track practice, one baseball game he is coaching, and I know I left out something.  I don't think a lot of home cooking will go on between all those events for sure! He'll need a vacation when I get back.
Hopefully this weekend away will not mess up my healthy eating!  I am blaming it on my mind that's going at a fast rate if it does.  Sometimes when I get away it's like I think calories don't count.  You know, what happens on vacation  stays on vacation .  Only, unfortunately,those calories surprise me with a ride back on my hips instead of staying where I thought I left them.
So hoping for a good report next Tuesday in spite of this mini vacation.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend!